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Only Human: Electronic Music from some of the best amateur artists around the UK

Jules Roberts and Andy Peggs

Andy and Jules love electronic music. So here is a podcast featuring some of the best amateur electronic music artists from around the country. Great banter, great music and a special guest in each episode to chat in "Andy's Gear Geek Corner" about synthesizers, sequencers, tips, tricks and all things electronic.

Recent Episodes

Master Blaster Special!March 29, 2021 Episode artwork Series 2 Episode 5 - We are still on the Numan480 with some amazing tunes blasting out of the 8 track!March 15, 2021 Episode artwork Season 2 Episode 3 - Featuring amazing tunes, a show from outer space and special guest Johnny Diamond!February 17, 2021 Episode artwork Season 2 Episode 2 - Featuring the usual great tunes, chat and special guest Graham Campbell aka Joseph Hecht!February 01, 2021 Episode artwork Season 2 - Episode 1 featuring special guest Platform Zero, David Hughes!January 19, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 12 - Christmas Special!December 21, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 10 - Featuring some amazing tunes from round the globe, cans of pop and special guest Etchasketch!November 24, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 9 - Top tunes, top biscuits and a top guest - Andy Darrant AKA Jitterbug Boy!November 09, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 8: Top tunes, crisps chat and our special guest Chris Kaye - Malaeus!October 26, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 7: Great tunes as always plus the Akai Force in Gear Geek corner - special guest Rach A Rama!October 12, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 6: Featuring top chat, top tunes and even some confectionary - plus special guest Swirler Burner!September 15, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 5: Superb tunes plus Rob Spaull talking about the Yamaha Reface CSAugust 31, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 4: Another selection of great tunes. Plus, chat with Martin Eve about the Omnisphere.August 17, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 3: Featuring Sword Swinging Robot chatting about the Elektron Analog 4August 03, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 2: More Electronic Music and Chat featuring special guest, Dave JulianJuly 20, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 1: 9 great electronic artists!July 06, 2020 Episode artwork