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Wing Walks

Zaeem Rehman

This podcast was created with unconditional love for aviation. This incredible industry has aided worldwide economic growth and prosperity. The aviation industry today is on the brink of change. With leaping advancements in technology, we are becoming more distant not only from the stick and rudder, but from the people that work day and night for aviation; as we move towards an era of aviation driven by autopilot, unmanned aerial vehicles, and groundbreaking automation software. This show is about bringing awareness and appreciation back to the pilots, crews, instructors, and folks on the ground that fuel the aviation industry from the core. Aviation safety is also an important focus of this podcast. Topics such as crew exhaustion and violation of minimum rest periods only skim the surface. We also discuss those scary situations no pilot ever wants to be in. Secure the cabin, fasten your seatbelts, we are cleared for takeoff.