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Season 3 Episode 50: This Principal Quit His Job to Trade Stocks Part 2

December 22, 2023 Dan Janson & Tracy Ball Season 3 Episode 50
Real Life Trading PIVOT
Season 3 Episode 50: This Principal Quit His Job to Trade Stocks Part 2
Show Notes

In this enthralling Part 2 episode of the PIVOT Podcast, Season 3, Episode 50, hosts Tracy Ball and Dan Janson continue their engaging conversation with former high school principal turned full-time trader, Jeremy Hritz. Dive into the journey of a man who swapped his stable career in education for the unpredictable world of stock trading.

Key Highlights:

- Jeremy Hritz shares his transition from being a high school principal to a professional trader, underlining the pressures of replacing a steady income with trading profits.
- The episode delves into the challenges and learning curves Jeremy faced, particularly the importance of looking at the bigger picture in trading - understanding that a month isn't won in a day or even a week.
- Hear about the role of family in Jeremy's trading journey. His wife's questions about daily profits added pressure but also instilled discipline in his trading practice.
- Jeremy discusses the psychological aspects of trading, such as dealing with losses and the pressure of being the sole income earner for his family.
- Insights into setting realistic trading targets and the dangers of overtrading. Jeremy reflects on his early trading days and how his strategy has evolved over time.
- The conversation touches on the importance of financial education for children and critiques the current state of education systems in integrating financial literacy.
- Jeremy's future plans, including sharing his trading knowledge more widely and authoring a book titled "How to be a Quitter," are highlighted.
- The episode concludes with Jeremy providing valuable advice to new and struggling traders, emphasizing the need for persistence, mentoring, and community involvement.
- Tune in to this episode for a candid and inspiring story of risk, learning, and success in the stock market. Whether you're an aspiring trader, an educator, or someone curious about a drastic career change, this episode offers a wealth of insights and real-life experiences.

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