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EP24: Oneironauts & Dream Tips

June 12, 2022 Amina & Amaro Rossa Season 1 Episode 22
The Dream World
EP24: Oneironauts & Dream Tips
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 Oneirology is the scientific study of dreams. Oneironautics refers to the ability to travel within a dream on a conscious basis. Such a traveler in a dream may be called an oneironaut.

In this episode, two dream-loving podcasters talk about lucid dreams, sleep paralysis & everything in between.  Amaro D Rossa is the host of the Circadian Dream Podcast and we are having a casual conversation about our dream experiences, and the power of tapping into your dreams. Dreaming is your birthright, tap into your dreams to get the most out of your life! We spend a THIRD of our lives asleep. Don't spend it mindlessly sleepwalking through life, harness the power of your subconscious mind instead!  

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The word oneironaut refers to a person with the ability to travel within a dream on a conscious basis. Part of what I love about podcasting is talking to other oneironauts and dream lovers, and luha dreamers about dreams. Today, we talk about everything. Dream related from Lu dreams to sleep paralysis, to shared dreams, to prophetic dreams.

We even touch on why we love. Of dreaming so much and what techniques we use to get lucid. So if you love lucid dreaming and you wanna learn more, this one's for you. 

My podcast is the circadian dream podcast. I'm just a lucid dream enthusiast right now. And then I also have been lucid dreamer for around 12 years on and off.

So my first lucid dream was, it was actually a. Have you had those, those repetitive falling off of a building kind of nightmares that's yeah, that's what started it. I kept falling off or being pushed off of a building and then one day I just like stopped myself in mid-air and I was just like, what, what is happening here?

What's happening? It's so real. What is this? And that's when it began. Yeah, that's 

cool. A lot of people, I feel like become lucid off at nightmares, cuz that's like the cure to nightmares is figuring out that you're dreaming and then you can just change the scene and it's not scary anymore. I didn't 

know what it was called then, but I was very interested in it.

And then my years later I really got into it. So. 

So I feel like we're all like naturals a little bit. I was having lucid dreams as a kid, too. I didn't even know what it was. I didn't even appreciate them. I would just be like, oh, I'm dreaming. Let me wake up. Yeah. And it wasn't until later that I was like, okay, I can actually do something with this, 

the shared dreaming.

I really want to pull that off one day. But I feel like it requires a massive amount of time. And like with the personal people that you're trying to do it with, because if you're. Have a Lud dream consistently every night. And I think that for me, that's what it seems like it would require we're all operating on different time zones at different, you know, not that the dream world operates within the same time, but it 


It definitely takes consistency, cuz both people have to be trying to have the same goal. But I will tell you, like, I know a lot of stories of people that have achieved even close to something which tells us like this is something there. This is a shared space that we can access. You know what I'm saying?

Even if we all have our own dream bubbles, there's definitely a way that we can overlap. Like, uh, Robert Wagner has a whole chapter in his book on shared. Yes. Yeah. And he tells stories about, you know, Finding things in your dream about other people's lives that you didn't know. I was gonna tell you an example that from somebody that I know as well, like when they would sleep in the same bed, they would like have the same dreams and maybe he would be lucid and she wouldn't, or he, you know, he would remember more details if he was lucid and she just remembered a regular dream, but the same type of narrative.

So, yeah, it happens a lot. I like, I hear with couples and people that sleep together consistently, and I haven't heard of. A lucid dreamer couple where both people would try with the same goal, but I mean, it just would take practice and consistency. I think even from different time zones, I feel like you said it wouldn't really make a difference.

It's just, yeah. The consistency of both people putting their energy into that. That's 

what I was saying about, I didn't mean it was impossible to do. I just meant like, you know, yeah. To get us on the same page. Cause a lot of the stories that I've read about and I've heard. Exactly the same thing. They're just sleeping the same bed at the same time.

And it seems like the proximity brings you closer together in the dream. A friend of mine just did it like with her mother recently, her mother came to visit and they slept in the same bed and they woke up and the mother started telling my friend about her dream. And then my friend said, what, but then this, this, and then, you know, they finished the dream together.

So I was just like, what come on 

to me tells me that they had some sort of shared dream or me dream, even if they're like little dream scenarios, kind of overlapped a little bit, however that. But yeah, definitely. Definitely. I think maybe it also has something to do with how close the people are in waking life.

You know, like how much, how connected you are to them too. Like you said, it was her mom. So maybe 

that helps. Yeah. You know, it's also odd and I guess this is a good segue into the other thing that I'm super interested, which is in like, I guess it's, I don't know if I should say prophetic dreams or like dream in the future.

Yeah, I'd say, yeah, prophetic precognitive visions. Really all the same thing. Yeah. 

My mother just had a dream recently where she dreamed that her cousin was throwing a party or she was going somewhere and she woke up and then she called and she said, I had this dream, you were doing this, you were doing that.

And you were doing this. And it was like to thet, you know, and they don't talk often. So that, that's the other thing that that's just odd to me about. The connection that certain people have. I 

think it definitely happens a lot more than we think, like the whole precognitive thing. I feel like when we tap into these little moments, even if they're little random moments that you don't realize till later, like, yo, I had a dream about this.

Yeah. It tells us something too. Like we're kind of accessing this collective source of information. Have you 

had any dreams like that? 

Yeah. I've had like some very random precognitive dreams. Like, you know, something will happen in my house or something random. Like I'll be going out the door a certain way.

And then like, I'll just have a little flashback in that moment of like, I really had the dream about this and like, it doesn't really make sense. It's not like telling me anything valuable that I feel like. It just kind of makes me feel like, okay, I'm at the right place at the right time. Gotcha. Gotcha.

That's how I take it. But I have heard like, you know, close friends and families say like, yo, I had this very specific dream where I had this conversation and then it happened later. So, and statistically, I feel like a lot of people report little things like that, especially now as we're all awakening, it's like happening more and 


I agree. I wanted to have that entire episode dedicated to this because. I, I know several people that one of my friends, his name is Lou dynamite. He said he dreamed about like the nine 11 attacks. So I was like, I need to speak with

this. Oh, that's crazy. Yeah's another thing, a dream of deaths and robberies and like big things of stuff like that. And that can be scary cuz it's like, yo is how do I prepare for this? And I also, I read something like you said about the nine 11. I feel like a lot of people predicted that and like there was also some other.

Tragic incident somewhere in the world where like some children drowned and like a lot of the children reported, like they had dreams of their death, like the week of as well. Oh my gosh. And you know, historical figures, like I think JFK, Carl Young family. Yeah. They all had dreams of their death. 


Accurate change. Yeah. That makes, I mean, it's definitely weird because it can be scary. Like, like you said, the nine 11 premonitions and the death and all that stuff, like what do we do with that information? If this is bound to happen anyway, it's showing us that something's gonna happen. There's nothing we can really do about it.

Any dream, like it's just trying to help us be prepared and understand that our dreams are not just. Random things like they're really telling us things that we can tap into and we can understand, and we can like navigate the world better from understanding your dreams. You know, it's, it's definitely trippy.

And I think, I think it's happening more and more. And the more in tune you are with your dreams, cuz what I've noticed from all the dreamers. I talk to the ones that are like 10 years, expert lucid, dreamers, really dedicated to their practice. They have very specific premonitions in their dreams and they can like identify when it's a premonition dream.

You know, it feels different. You really get used to understanding like your own dream language. 

And then even sometimes it feels like you don't even have to have a dream. You just start to embody the intuition that the dream has given you. And you sort of know things, you feel things as if, as if it was dream light, 

but that's true.

Have you ever had, what kind of you ever had like premonition dreams or intuition dreams and stuff? I've 

had one I've never had any. I mean, I've had like smaller ones, like you say, like, oh, it feels like dejavu. And it was one stretch of my life where I had dejavu a lot. Like, it was like every day for two months, but this one dream, I remember I was in junior high school and I dreamed I was in a high school.

And I met a girl in like the side of the gym by where the bleachers were. And there was like this secret not secret, but there was like stairs next to the bleachers that you could just go to a little shortcut and go up and, and through them, she was like hovering or something on the stairs. And her hair was very long and, and like blonde.

And she was like glowing, you know? And I woke up and I was like, what the hell? What was that about? I told a friend of mine about it. And I forgot about the dream that was in junior high school. I get into high school. And that's exactly how I met my high school, sweetheart. It was like exactly the same way it's it was to the T it was an art design that's in Manhattan.

And it was like to the side of the stairs and she was there. Her heel was out halfway. And it was like, she had real long, dirty blonde hair and then it just snapped. And I was like, holy crap. I dreamed about this. That was the one. And only one that was specific. 

That's pretty crazy. Yeah. Yeah. That's true. I guess you live now your life path, the way that your dream says you should.

Yeah. Yeah. So you get lucid a lot lately or what's it like 

for you? It's a ebb and flow, you know? Um, I do. Yeah. Yeah, because I don't know about you, but like since the pandemic, everything has kind of been all over the place it's up and down. So it's a little bit harder for me to become Lud lately. I'm just adapting to a new lifestyle.

I have a different job, so it's a little bit more mentally taxed. But once I get a little bit more into it, like more grounded in, in the new job, then I'll be able to just go, okay, tonight, I wanna lose some dreams. I'll just do my like wake back to bed or I'll do my, uh, mild technique. And. It'll happen four times out of five.

Yeah. That's pretty good. Once you really find what works for you, it's like, okay. To like take breaks, like, you know, go up and down. Like you said, you know, cuz sometimes even your non lucid dreams, they can be really powerful too. You know, it's not all about getting lucid, but once you find out what works for you and even if that adapts, like for me over the years, I've found that like I switch up my practice and what I do a little bit just as my life adapts, you know?

I'll I'll get back into it. It's just, it's a little bit just hectic right 

now. I feel that when you do get lucid, like what, what do you, do you just have fun or do you have like goals and stuff? Like what do you do in that 

space? I do have goals. I tested out some of Robert Wagner's commands and like the dreams I'm still trying to.

Concretely have an out of body experience that is like different from elusive dream, cuz they, they really seem very close and I haven't done it to the point where I'm satisfied yet. You know, I'll have the whole vibrations and I'd like break away from my body and everything feels solid. And I remember it, but things are still different in the outof body experience.

So that's, that's usually what. My goal is besides that I'll like, look for the dream guide, come pretty close to that. I haven't found one or found the iron itself yet. And that kind of thing I wanted to get into, like the dream healing aspect. See if I could like heal maybe a ache or a sore on my body and in the lucid dream.

Cause I forget I was listening to another gentleman's podcast and he had a, a guest on, she said that she had like a bronchitis or a super like crazy throw issue. She drinks something in the dream. Cuz she, she asked a guy like I need something to help me with this. And he's like drink this. And she said, it takes like eggs and some other crap and she drank it.

And then she was like healed in a day or two, you know? And it's something that the doctors would telling her. It was gonna last for a while, but, or it usually lasts for a while, but she drank it in a dream. And then she's like, I don't wanna say that it's specifically that, but. I'll 

tell you, I heard that a lot too.

Your dreams really, they can be powerful. You can really send healing energy to your body. And if you really believe that's what you're doing, like our mind creates our reality anyways. Right. So I believe it's possible. Like we're so much more than our physical body. We can get help from these other realms.

So absolutely. You know, when you're hypnotized and then yeah, they, they tend, you, uh, you know, heal this kind of thing or you're, you have some type of neurosis and they hypnotize you and they, they help you. Overcome it that's essentially what you're doing in your own lucid dream, but it's much more powerful.

Yeah. And you can get creative with it. Like there's no rule book. Like you can like, yeah. Conjure up a little healing pool of golden water and swimming it and like, whatever you really believe, like you'll just feel the energy in your, you can like send healing energy to your body. Through laser rays, whatever, like you can just create something, like you said, somebody drank a juice, like whatever the dream is calling you to do.

Like, as long as you're putting that intention towards healing, whatever part of your body, like it can be 

powerful. Absolutely. The one thing I did learn is that, like you just said to just go along and flow with the dream. Cause sometimes I don't, you know, like I'm looking for a specific. And the dream is like shoving this in your face.

I'm like, no, that's 

silly. I know exactly what you're saying. I'm practicing that now. Cuz I always feel like I wanna get something specific, like you said, and like I'm trying so hard to like just go against it. And then it kind of ruins the quality and the vividness of my dream, cuz I'm like sitting against it versus when I just take it in and see what the dream has to show me.

I'm like, OK, I get it. 

It's something that someone said or I've read on Instagram. I just followed so many. Dream pages that they kind of all meld into one for me, but someone said like the dream speaks in, in now, you know? So like there's all types of meanings in it and it reminded me of the, the movie arrival.

It's just, um, these aliens arrive. They're from the future and they need humankind help. They get with a linguist teacher or a linguist. She's supposed to be deciphering their language, but the way that they talk is in now. So do you know the symbol? Uh, I think it's Chinese. The circle for now the NZO circle.

That's how they spoke. They just put circles like Enzos in a black ink on, on a, a translucent surface. And it reminded me of dreams. And in the circles, there were like little pieces that had cooks and claws that meant something else. And she was piecing them together by those little pieces of the entire circle.

And that's how they just spoke in instances. And it, it would convey the past present and the 

future in one moment, you know, it's like that one, we hear all the time. Like the present moment is the only thing that's really exists. The past present the future are just coming towards the present moment for us to experience, you know?

Right. So it's like, The beings that don't have to speak the way we speak, you know, like the aliens or dream characters or whatever, they just, it's almost like a telepathic, like instance of like, you know what it is, cuz it's all out in the open right now, right here in this. I see the connection, the dreams are like in the now.

And that's probably why we can see past present future. Cuz it's all, it's all the same. It's 

all happening. Yes, yes. Yes. And then just, I mean just understanding and what we are seeing in the dream. I know it could get confusing, cuz it's like, you know, purple monkeys flipping off the top of skyscrapers and high five and the statue of Liberty and that kind of crap.

But what is this? Yeah, 

that's where it gets tricky. Cuz people think like, well maybe not as much now, but people are like, oh, let me Google, what does a monkey dream mean? Or what you know? And it's like, you have to understand that.  everyone has their own dream language. And you have to understand what each symbol means to you.

Like what, what it's trying to tell you, because it might be different for somebody else, you know, that's true. So it's interpretation. Like you can get help from other people and understanding like breaking it down, but there's no like one dictionary for like, this means 

this. I did come across a gentleman that I spoke to you about in, in the Instagram thing about the, uh, Dream tracking, his name is Matt.

It helped me to grow in a certain way. And right before I got into the call with him, I started to have the feeling that I am not gonna be able to just interpret my dreams all of the time on my own. And when we had our chat, like how we are now. And I explained the dream to him, he, he did what he, what he called dream tracking.

And he added elements to my dream that I didn't even think about. And he said, well, what do you think about this? We kind of mapped out my dream. It helped me to understand, cause I said, no, that's not right. You know, even though he threw out some examples of things, it just knocked me into exactly what I was supposed to deal and see.

And I said, oh, I get it. I get the dream now finally. So I think that, I think I would like to start something like that. I don't want a lot of people though. And I know, I don't know where I was going, but like, this is where I want to be in there.  but I want to get it to where it's like a group of people who are very close, who want to help each other, interpret their dreams and have just a little community and you just bounce it off of each other.

And maybe you set time. Things like that. That's one of the things I've been super interested in lately, 

anybody, like you said, interested in understanding their dreams. You need that help from other people who have more dream experiences or other things that you may not have thought of. And like you said, like, even if you really will find out what your answer is, but other people will help you reach that 


It could be like little circles of five or six people that could switch intermittently at different times and stuff like that. But yeah, I feel like this is gonna be a boost for me to, to, to really start to do that. And then the, the collective conscious thing. Like you mentioned earlier. I think that that still plays a role in all of our dreams.

So there are things that are gonna pop up in our dreams that we can bounce off of each other that we know that this means the same thing we grew up in the same era. We look at memes, this is like this kind of metaphor and such. And 

so, yes, that's true. I definitely think a lot of things are generational that we can all relate to and then some things are more personal.

So it's good to have the balance. 

Oh, one question I wanted to ask you is like, what is your, why? You know, like, why are you doing this? Like, why am I lucid dreaming? And I tend to forget how important it is to me and the things that I wanna accomplish improve to myself. And I think it's a great practice to look back and remember why I was doing this in the first place.

Cause I, I forget a lot of things and I won't continue. Cause I've forgotten. What, what was the whole point of this in the beginning? Anyway, like wait, inspired me. What was my impetus? You know what I mean? So I just wanted to know like what, what's your, why? 

Hello, this question, you know, cuz I also sometimes have to remind myself, but why I lose a dream like.

It really makes me feel like when I'm consistently having a practice, you know, not just one Lud dream spontaneously, but when I'm in touch with my practice, which is how I'm trying to be all the time, like, I really just feel connected with myself, my inner self, my higher self. I don't know. It's hard to put into words.

But I just feel happier. I feel like I have a grip on my life. Like I understand what's going on. I'm prepared. I can practice things. You know, like sometimes I just have fun, but sometimes I really get to work and like, try to figure things out and like understand, okay, what do I have to work on in my life?

Or like, what can I do better? You know, my dreams really helped me understand that. Even things I'm not realizing if. Keep a dream journal at the very least I'll see patterns of like, this is coming up a lot or whatever. So that just helps me understand myself better. And yeah, I just feel like I need that personally.

And on another note, in addition to that, mm-hmm, , I feel like I have like this passion or this calling to like spread the word with people, you know, like you're doing like. It's a podcast and building a community. I just feel like, because I love it so much. And I see the value in like dream work, not just looser dreaming, but just dream work in general.

Yeah. I wanna spread the word and I wanna like keep doing stuff like this to like, get people to like really find their own way with

it, you know? Yeah, absolutely. How are we ignoring our dreams so much? Why is everyone just not paying attention to this? It seems to be very important if we are dreaming the future. If. We are dreaming about, uh, someone getting hurt and actually getting hurt. We are having these kind of dreams where it's impacting our lives or people just having.

All of these nightmares, you know, is saying something to you, but you're ignoring it. You act like it's not even important at all to your life. You, you focus a lot on your waking life. So everything that you said a hundred percent, that's also my life, everything you said. So thank 

you. You live in another dimension.

Part-time that's just crazy to me. Yeah. It's not for no reason to get that's around 

33 years. Yeah. That's I did, I did the math  we did the math  I wanted to know. Yeah. 

So it's like, it's a gift, you know, dreaming is of our birthright. Like we should take advantage of that, even at the very least, like, keep a dream journal, whatever works for you, you know, you don't have to be an obsessive Lud dream or like me, but yeah.

Find what works for you, you know? 

What is your dream space? Like, like not your dream space, you're a sleep space. I've invested a lot of money into my bed. I have a Tempur-Pedic two inch like memory foam and it's heaven. When I lay down, I don't want to get up in the morning and it's like, it's hard. And when I lay on it, it just like, ah, you know, you like a marshmallow on it.

And it's amazing. And I have like, A lavender pouch. That's like right at the head of my bed right next to my bed and I just breathe it in and I am outta here.  

I need to try that. Yeah. I definitely invest in my, in my bed too. I have, I also have a Tempur-Pedic I make sure I got comfy sheets, like nice pillow cases.

I like to sleep really comfy. I take my sleep very serious. I keep crystals under my pillow. It just makes me feel, you know, better vibes. And I sleep in the dark. I like the dark and I like very. 

Yeah, absolutely no light, tiny light, but if I could have it perfect. No light at all, but yeah. Yeah. 

And I, I also have like a little, I try to keep a little night routine, especially when I'm lucid, you know, like I kind of meditate, do a little wild, some affirmation, stuff like that.

That's pretty important too. Yeah. Think anywhere really?  

good for you. Yeah. It's hard for me to sleep. Sometimes I have trouble now the wild method used, used to be my favorite, but now I have kind of trouble with it, but it works for you like 

the wild, because I fall asleep really easily. I can never like, hold it long enough to wild, but it has worked for me before, but no, it's not like.

It works all the time. Really? What works the most for me is like the mild, like setting an intention and wake back to bed is the thing that is safe for me every time. 

Thanks. I was like 10 to 10 with wild. And I mean, anytime I tried, it was a long time. It was like, that's when I was like at the peak of lucid dreaming, I was, I was wilding like four or five nights in a row.

And the wild dreams, the way that they start are effing insane. Have you ever read, um, Robert Monroe's book during his outta body. Yeah. Mm-hmm  when he talks about, uh, the younger generation, like they call him it phase shifting, which is very that's exactly what he said. He, well, it was like, he would go to the second phase.

He called it second phase. He wasn't too fond of actual projecting, but that's how it was when I used to like wild. I, I would lay down and then like automatically I'm just being lifted out and taken somewhere. Yeah, I used to love it. 

Yeah. Uh, the few times I've experienced it for me. It's like that too. It just feels like almost like a pulling sensation.

And I guess everyone feels it differently, but it's like, my soul is just lifting and then I just kind of develop it's black for me for a while. It's just out of the darkness, like a dream starts to emerge and I kind of feel my body, like my dream body. I've never done the thing where you roll out of your body straight onto your bed.

I don't know why reason that does. I cannot get it right. I'm gonna try though. I'm gonna keep trying, you got maybe some people that are listening don't understand what that means. 

Yes. Tips. I mean, so within what I used to do was. Eight out of 10 lucid dreams that I had would start with me having to get away from my body.

But so I would get up, my ideal time would be like 5:30 AM. I would get five to six hours of sleep. Maybe try to keep it at five and a half, go to sleep around 12:00 AM, wake up at five 30. And this is the part that I think that this is the most important part of the wake back to bed for me is the amount of time that I stay up.

If I go past 10 or 15 minutes, I'm just up. But the good part about that is like, if I'm just up after that, I'll just stay up for an hour or. And then when I drink, like I could just still do it, but I like to stay up for 10 to 15 minutes. I'll lay down and I'll just like slowly, let myself fall asleep while repeating, you know, the mantra I'll be dreaming soon or, um, next time I'm I dream, I will realize that I'm dreaming.

And I, lot of the times I'll wake up in the transit. Or not even wake up, it's like, I'm aware that I'm starting to go into the dream world and I just relax. I don't do anything. And I, I just start to feel that, you know, that where it's like, oh, a separation time. And if people, I don't know how to explain the vibration to people, but it's like your whole body kind.

Vibrate, so shakes, but you're not really shaking. It's an inner feeling.  am I explaining that right? 

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that's, it's hard to explain, but it really feels like it is, it can be scary if you don't know what's going on, but for me it's like, we're literally shooting through dimension, so we're gonna feel something like we're, you know, electrical is definitely a buzzing vibration type of thing.

And Ste Berg's book, uh, lucid dreaming the world of lucid dreaming. He talks about it being like. Your body's senses, syncing up kind of thing. And, and it makes that vibration, but it's of course, no one knows why that happens. Yeah. When that vibration happens, um, I learned from Robert Monroe, how to do like that rolling technique.

It's more imagination, you know, like you just feel your hand just laying on a table and you kind of feel the energy inside. It's like, that's what you're moving. It's like that Phantom limb field. And so I just like do like this and I roll and a weird thing for me is that I think that I'm super connected to my waking self because when I'm able to roll outta my body, if I haven't done it in a while, it hurts, which is a weird thing to me.

And it feels like I'm ripping away from. And like there's pain in between myself and like my second body or whatever you wanna call it. But then when I finally like roll away from it, I just kind of like bounce around the room sometimes. Cause I'm so like light and UN used to it, but that's how I do it.

When I do the weight back to bed and I'm like falling back to sleep. I'll get lucky enough to just wake up into vibrations. I do that inner rocking feel and feel like, feel it out and feel if I could, you know, just roll outta my body. Do I instantly feel like I have a dream body? I don't, it's hard for me to tell it doesn't even feel like I'm dreaming sometimes and I'm unsure.

So I just try it and I feel that it's there's resistance there. You know, and I could, yes. You, you know what? Yes, it does feel like I'm, I'm in my, it feels like I'm in my dream body and my regular body simultaneously, and I could feel one is very heavy, you know? 

So yeah. That's an interesting visualization cuz it's like our soul is spends time in this vessel.

That is our body, but this isn't like really our body we're just borrowing it, you know? So when you separate that and you kind of go into. Your free soul, body self. Yeah, that's cool. 

It's jarring too, for, for a lot of people, because also what's connected to the vibrations is sleep paralysis and no one likes that, except for me.

I love sleep. 

I like it too. No, I know because I'm used to it now, so it's not scary anymore. And it's an instant dream. I love sleep brows. It's too. Me too. How did you go from, this is scary to like, this is cool. Cause I know a lot of people probably have this issue, like, oh, I'm scared of this. So I don't wanna lose a dream 

to me.

It's just like trusting, you know, like I've read the stuff in LA's and the Robert Monroe, the Robert Wagners. I would read the techniques. Oh, I even read the, uh, Tibetan dream. Yogi is ones. I have that one right here too. I just trusted it. I remember, you know, what? It was also, it was a lot of practice. So I would just take naps during the middle of the day and I would practice it.

And when I felt it, I felt myself unable to move. And after a while, it just doesn't, it didn't bother me. And then when I, you know, practiced a rolling out technique and I was able to do it, then sleep paralysis. I used to try to. You know, make it happen. So that's when I just, I became like, oh, sleep paralysis.

I went in reading about what it was like your body, um, basically shutting down your muscles so that you don't hurt yourself and your sleep kinda. Yeah. 

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. We, we paralyze our body every night. We just don't realize it. And then when we realize that that's what we call sleep paralysis. Yeah, for sure.

I used to, I definitely like when I take naps, it used to happen to me a lot that I just got used to it. It became fun. Like, cause once you start to like experiment with your own consciousness, you just get used to all the weird stuff, you know, that comes and it can be scary, but it's just part of it, you 


Yes. And that's what I, I try to explain to people, but there's still. You know. Yeah. 

And what I've found is like, if you embrace it with love and like, acceptance, like this is my dream and I love it and I'm not scared of this, then it kind of goes away like whatever little being or anything you're feeling the scary part of the paralysis.

Yeah. It just kind of fades. And then you can just go into your dream or whatever comes 

next. Absolutely. And then I will let people know to you gotta relax, cuz the more you fight against it, the worse it feels just breathe through it. Do you know, some of the techniques of like, like stopping sleep paralysis, the holding your breath, blinking your eyes.

And those two really, they worked for me, like when I first started, when I was afraid of it and it happened to me that helped me to get out of it. But I do have a friend who he said that those didn't really help him. His sleep paralysis is very intense. So, 

yeah. I don't know, like I haven't tried that, so I can't say if it would work for me, but my sleep paralysis really feels like nothing is going to unparalleled me ever.

so I dunno, I will try it though. Like, but what I was saying is like, I just kind of relax and I do this little meditation where I just feel every point of my body. And then yeah, eventually it just kind of fades away and I'm dreaming. I know what you're 

talking about. I don't really use that one, but I know, I know what you.

Each point of your body, you just focus on and relax that area. Right? I wanna buy I'm sorry if I'm just jumping around too. It's okay. I'm 

like that too. 

I wanna buy the, a ring. Have you seen this thing? 

What does it do? I 

don't think so. It's, it's like a, I think it's biometric reader, 

so, mm. I have seen it like one of those sleep tracker things.

Yeah. And it tracks everything like it could let you know when you're about to get sick. It senses it through, through the readings and the ring. And I was like, what a lot of people have been having shipping out. Problems with it. They pay for it. They don't get the ring for four or five months. So I'm just waiting it, you know, seems like, of course, during the pandemic and everything that's happening, people are not getting their orders, but I really want get that thing.

Cause it seems really cool. Money's not. We listen, this is for our 

dream. I know. I know. I'm just curious, cuz I gotta, you know, think about it. It's like three 


expensive? It's like 300. OK. Thought I was like $10,000. No, no, no, no, no.  but that's cool. I'm gonna try it. I'm gonna check it out. I know. They're like technology's starting to advance.

They got like masks rings, bracelets, anything that tells you like when you're dreaming, when this like it's probably just gonna get better and better. 

Yeah. I can't wait for that. But the masks, the dream and masks. I don't, I, I think they're crap. Honestly. I, I, I think they're just like a money graph for the most part.

It's cool to get people interested, but they don't like how we are very knowledgeable about like what it takes to lose a dream. They don't really explain that stuff. They're just like, here's the mask and you could do it tonight, like, oh, okay. Hmm. Good luck 

with that. So today, instant Lud dream, like, yeah.

Is this not what it's about? Like, it's like going to the gym, you have to build, you have to practice, like you have to build your own practice and then, you know, you work towards it. Even if it takes months to get your first loser dream, it could be frustrating, but that's just part of it. But it's 

worth it once you do it big time, once you get it.

The only other question that I have, cause I, I didn't get to finish the other thing about the, um, gifted, because have you seen the pillow cube advertisements on Instagram? I feel like you would've seen those. Yeah. It's like this, you know, it's a pillow is in cube and it's supposed to like be perfect for back alignment and that kind of thing.

And that stuff just draws me in. Cause I'm just like really? Really? Yeah.  

well, you gotta try it out. Let me know if it's good. Then we might have to get some. 

I just don't wanna spend around $200 for a pillow and then I'm just like, I could've done what 

I, you like it . Yeah. True. 

The weighted blanket though that 

yes, I like those.

Yeah. That is my 

life. Right. I saw this heated, warm. Like weighted blanket. I was like, Randy. Yeah. Gotta sleep. Good, man. Those dreamers take our sleep very serious. Yeah.  

yeah, we I'm thinking about a nap right now. 

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