The Dream World

EP25: You Are an Explorer of Your Own Consciousness

July 24, 2022 Amina & Jaime Lunquist-Munoz Season 1 Episode 23
The Dream World
EP25: You Are an Explorer of Your Own Consciousness
Show Notes

We are explorers of our own consciousness & we are more than our physical bodies. Every Tuesday on Clubhouse, I host a room in the Lucid Dreamers Club about dreams, consciousness, and beyond! Join for free here.

I actually met this episode's amazing guest speaker, Jaime, on Clubhouse, within the halls of an amazing community of dreamers, healers, and conscious explorers.  Jaime Lunquist-Munoz is an expert in lucid dreaming and Out-of-Body-Experiences (OBEs). Jaime has trained with legendary leaders in the industry such as Robert Monroe, William Buhlman, Michael Raduga,  Jay Shetty, Mike Dooley, and Clare Johnson. He is a best seller published author for contributing a chapter in the book Sacred Surrender. His next book, Revolutionary Leaders, is available now here on Amazon & Kindle.

In this episode we talk about:
Why is fear programmed into us in order to prevent us from realizing our true potential?
How do social frameworks play a role in our fear of exploring consciousness? Your subconscious is your internal therapist that uses your dreams to speak to you! Strengthen your intuition to build your own practice that resonates with your core values.
What is the difference between astral projection, Out of Body experience, and Lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is all about dream control and transformation. Similarly, it can help us take control of our minds and transform our lives. How can we use lucid dreams to manifest our best possible life? Imagine also teaching the next generation of children to use their dreams and tap into their consciousness at a young age, where they are more spiritually in touch.

Book Suggestions Mentioned in the episode:

The Art of Lucid Dreaming: Over 60 Powerful Practices to Help You Wake Up in Your Dreams
Higher Self Now!: Accelerating Your Spiritual Evolution
Journeys Out of the Body: The Classic Work on Out-of-Body Experience
Astral Dynamics: The Complete Book of Out-of-Body Experiences
Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Eve

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