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EP26: Past Life Regression Dreams

August 02, 2022 Amina Season 1 Episode 24
The Dream World
EP26: Past Life Regression Dreams
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 Have you ever wondered what happens to our consciousness after we die? How many lives do we get to live, what dictates this process, and how much do we really know about it? Dreams are a great way to tap into your past lives and learn more about how far your soul has come. Reincarnation is a key belief in Hinduism, Buddhism, and many other belief systems around the world.

In this episode, we talk about past life regression dreams and how we can use our dream space to take a look at where our soul has been before this lifetime. We also talk about how to develop the practice of lucid dreaming and develop your dreamwork skills. This is an excerpt from one of our amazing interactive Clubhouse Chats. Join every Tuesday Here.

List of guest in this episode & their Instagram handles
Host: Amina Mara @ThedreamworldPodcast
Speaker 1: Martin Stewart @vadzimu_records
Speaker 2: Ben Benyamin @yaminpublishing
Speaker 3: Laura Rose @laura818
Speaker 4: Anonymous Clubhouse Member
Speaker 5: KC Clayton @gravitationalove
Speaker 6: Upam Mapu @upam_mapu
Speaker 7: Jennifer Davis  @Jennifer450

Books mentioned in the episode
Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss
Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

Dreams are an Opportunity- Dreamosophy
Dreamosophy the wisdom of dreams grows from aspects of wisdom, wholehearted engagement, and metaphor

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