The Dream World

EP27: Wisdom of Dreaming

August 07, 2022 Amina Season 1 Episode 25
The Dream World
EP27: Wisdom of Dreaming
Show Notes

Paul Sheldon has dedicated himself to working with people to understand the wisdom in their dreams. He has started a program within prisons in America, to help inmates find freedom at night and use their dreams to overcome their challenges and better their mental health. He also started a dream challenge community called Dreamosophy.

Deamosophy teaches you to explore and utilize your dreams deliberately, to gain the edge in your waking personal and professional life without having to spend crazy amounts of money to be guided by dream experts in the field! Overcome challenges, promote healing, and explore the depths of YOUR reality. Use code DREAM100 at checkout to join for FREE as my guest!!
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Books mentioned in this episode:

Wisdom of Dreaming Paul Sheldon

Oneirognosis Stephen Barnwell

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