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EP30: Beginner Lucid Dreaming Tips

September 13, 2022 Amina Feat. Nate Turner Season 1 Episode 28
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EP30: Beginner Lucid Dreaming Tips
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Today's guest is Nate Turner, who is an advocate for lucid dreams on his Youtube & Tik Tok.  We talk about our experiences, and how Nate learned to lucid dream from scratch, without ever having experienced one. 

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I've been around looking in mirrors inside of a dream. I'm guilty of this by spreading the fear of looking inside of mirrors. And I don't think that's very good for Luci dreaming to spread those negative expectations. Yeah. By looking inside a mirror, a lot of people like, God, don't do this, don't do this.

This is you're gonna be so scared. Like don't tell people. Yeah. And that's programming too. Cuz Luci dreaming is all about what you believe. If you believe that you suck and you can't do this, that's gonna show if you're scared of something it's gonna become scar. You know, I had full mirror experiences.

Yeah, me too. And for people to spread stuff like who lucid dreamer, you have to not listen to the Mo of people that are telling you what to expect. Mm-hmm  when you lose a dream, you have to be a real lucid dreamer and be aware that those people aren't you. Yeah. They're not in your head. They're not your subconscious, you are you exactly.

And that my name's Nate Turner, I'm 21 years old. I'm a pretty big. Dream enthusiast. I ran a pretty big tick TikTok account in 2020, and grew it to be about a little under a million followers, just posting stuff about Luci dreaming and dreaming in general, just cuz I was so obsessed with it. And I first got obsessed with it.

Back in high school, I took a psychology class and when we learned about the subconscious and how dreaming worked, I was so intrigued because let's be honest though, the, the fact that like dreaming is so. Unknown just makes it so intriguing. Like nobody knows why we do it. It there's a bunch of theories on why we do it.

We just kind of know how it happens and that it just intrigued me so much. And I did a project and I came across lucid dreaming while doing that project. And I didn't really know what it was at first. I wasn't really into it that much. I didn't really even think it was real, to be honest with you, like, how is that even possible?

How can you just control your dreams? That just sounds so far fetched. About a year later after that was done, I came across a YouTube video about Luci dreaming. And so I watched it and I was like, well, you know what, it's worth the try. Tried it. I failed tried it again. I failed. I gave up. Another six months go by.

I try it again. And I had my first Luci dream after about 10 days of trying. And after that I was completely hooked. It is so cool. It is the coolest thing ever to exist. Loose streaming is so cool. And, uh, so I started teaching myself how to do it. Um, just kind of following online stuff slowly, got into learning the science behind.

And all sorts of different techniques and, uh, started posting content on it. And it got pretty popular pretty quickly. I started working with some lucid dreaming coaches to kind of fix some of the information that I was putting out there, cuz it wasn't exactly accurate. It was a lot of click Beatty stuff that I was just kind of posting to get views.

And now that I kind of know a little bit more about it. I love teaching it and I love doing it and I just love everything about it. That's awesome. That's super cool. It's crazy to me that you were one of those people that really didn't think Lu dreaming was real. Like there's really people out there just cuz you've never had experienced it, I guess.

Yeah. Even to this day in my comment sections all the time, all the time, this isn't real, this isn't real. You can't do that. That's not real. And, uh, you know, it's been proven, it's scientifically proven and the anecdotal evidence is insane with the millions of people that do it. So I, I, I'm pretty confident to say this real.

Oh, for sure. I mean, I definitely know it's real. I think a lot of people get frustrated. Like at first, when they're not able to induce it right away, they're like they get frustrated. And that frustration, if anything, I think is like a limiting belief that holds you back even more. Oh, absolutely. It's the same with anything.

I mean, think about weight lifting. If you go to the gym for a month, you're not gonna see results. And maybe you'll stop following the guy that you're watching because you're not seeing results. And you. Kind of dismiss it rather than just keep going. Yeah. So when you heard about it, like what about it made you wanna try it and really commit to trying to induce it?

Uh, I watched, there's a guy named how to lucid.  that was kind of blown up at the time as well. And he, I saw a video like essentially was like a first person view. Maybe it wasn't how to lucid. It was a, one of the other YouTubers, but it was a point of view on kind of what lucid dreaming looked like. I watched just a bunch of different videos on it and I was like, well, let's try it.

See what happens and I, I just didn't give up. And after about 10 days of trying, I had my first one. Ugh. Nice. Was it long? Was it short? Cuz some, I know some people, you know, they have, their first was of dream. They get excited. They wake themselves up or like, were you able to stay in the dream that first time?

that was, uh, that was me. Five seconds. Yeah. Five seconds. And then you were just hooked. I hooked. So for somebody who had to start from zero pretty much, or really learn how, how to do it, what, what kind of methods did you find really work for you? That's a great question. Actually. I kind of wish I recorded the whole process and me learning how to do it.

But, uh, the first thing that I ever tried was, what I was told was called the wild technique, or you just wake up and then you lay on your back and then you kind of just. Picture yourself in the dream. And it just kind of happens. That was one of the first lucid dreams that I had, although it was a dream induced Luci dream.

I became lucid inside the dream. I didn't become lucid through the waking life and kind of watching it happen. That was the first thing that I ever tried and it worked, but then it never worked again.  so I tried other techniques like the weight back to bed method. I tried. I dream journal a lot and I did some lucid dream hypnosis.

I listened to a lot of those on YouTube and those really helped me a lot. After talking to a couple guys that study it pretty consistently, they say that there's no evidence to suggest that those help at all. Really well, I think, yeah, I think they do. Yeah, I think so too. I found evidence that they do help in a lot of ways, especially the ones that have like affirmations that subconsciously say things while you're asleep, because our subconscious does pick up a lot while we're sleeping.

And even if we don't realize it, and those have helped me as well, I I've noticed that everyone's different, you know, so it's kind of hard to say for exact different things, work for different people. So it's really about. Not getting, not giving up and just trying different things. So you kind of like find what works for you.

Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And, and I think for beginners, it's super important that at the beginning you just become absolutely obsessed with it. Yeah. When I was super obsessed with it, that's when I was having the most of my Luci dreams, just because I was thinking about it all day. I was making content on it all day.

I was reading about it all day. Like there's no doubt in my mind. That's one of the main reasons I had him a lot. Sure. Yeah. The more you think about it and research it, you're incubating that into your head. So it's, it's just about like the overall awareness, the more aware you are during your waking life, you know, the more likely you are to think about the fact that you're dreaming in your dreams.

Mm-hmm  do you dream journal now or do you just kind of make content and just kind of do that kind of research? Uh, I haven't dreamed journaled in a little bit. Um, I just started getting back into Lu dreaming. I went on a pretty big dry spell. With how much I work and how inconsistent my sleep schedule was.

It was kind of hard for me to really do anything with lucid dreaming. I still had random ones here and there, but I kind of just stopped trying, but I just recently quit my job. So I'm gonna started getting super into it again. I started making content on it again. And so I'm gonna start dream journaling again.

That was one of the biggest things for me that helped was dream journal. Just building that recall muscle. Yeah. And learning dream signs and all that, that can help you get lucid. Yeah. That's pretty huge. I that's something that I definitely recommend everybody do. Like, no matter what methods you use, cuz it's just building that overall like relationship with your dreams.

And then you remember so many more vivid dreams that you would've otherwise forgotten. So it's always pretty cool. Yeah. And the dream science between different people are just so crazy. Yeah. And I was teaching people would just have the most random things that would appear. Constantly inside their dreams.

For me, one of the craziest things, one of the most common things is I'd be on top of a really tall building and it would sway back and forth like breaking physics, but I'm not really afraid of Heights, but you know, when you're falling to your death inside of a dream, it's not exactly the most fun thing in the world.

So when this building is swaying, I'm like nearly touching the ground, but then it would sway all the way back and it was really terrifying. And so once I picked up that you. Once that happens. It's a dream like that. There's no way that happens in real life.  yeah. I was able to have a lot more dreams. Cool.

Yeah. That's one thing about like fear and scary situations that I've learned that really helps me get lucid, you know, and those dream signs. I don't feel those types of emotions often in my waking life. So I know like you kind of train your brain to say, okay, when I feel this fear, when I have this recurring situ.

You remember that it's just a dream and you can even take that a step further, like as you're walking, you know, incorporate, I tell people to incorporate their dream signs into their reality check. So like, if you're walking down through the city and you see a big building, you do a reality check, you know, or whatever your dream sign is.

Like, I dream of being in the car a lot. So when I get in the car, I'll do a reality check, things like that. That can also really help. Yeah. That seems to be a really common one too. I wonder why that is. I think it's just, cuz everybody spends so much time in it. Maybe. Yeah, I'm sure there's a level of just like what, what we're used to like, as like a collective society, you know, mm-hmm,  a lot of people have like apocalyptic type dreams and things like that.

When you're lucid, like, do you just have fun and fly around or do you have like things you try to do, like goals and things? Or what, what do you like usually do with net space? That's a great question. Back when I was really doing it a lot, keep in mind I wasn't doing it every single night. I think people have a lot of misconceptions, um, that, because I sound like I know what I'm doing most of the time that maybe I have 'em all the time, every night, that's not true.

I was probably having 'em at my peak two to three times a week. You get into things and it gets boring. The more you do it. And so you kind of try to find other things to do, but I, I can never get overly. Flying is just unreal. I absolutely love it. Flying over top of the dream world is just the coolest thing ever.

I love flying too. Do you ever have like issues flying, like, and I've also noticed some people fly different ways. Some people fly horizontal. Some people like Superman, some people jump up, some people have a hard time going faster. Like what, what's your experience like?  yeah, I, I kind of just flow. In the beginning.

A lot of it was self-doubt that I couldn't fly. And, uh, a lot of people kind of experience that too. If you have any doubts that you can't fly, like you're not gonna fly. So at the start, I would just kind of float up in the air and just kind of sit there. I couldn't move anywhere. I would just literally just float.

And then as I got more confident with it, I started flying a little bit faster, but now I just kind of float like that Marvel character that he just kind of floats there, but that's what it reminded me of  cause I would just kind of slowly float around the world. Yeah, that's cool. It's, it's interesting how, like the confidence plays such a huge role with anything you're trying to do in the dream, whether you're trying to sum in something or go somewhere, like most things.

It's about how confident you are that you can do it. Any little doubt will make the dream, do something totally, completely random. Which can be confusing, but even that, like, even if you have confidence, it can still do something random. I think that's the cool thing about dreams is you can never fully be in control, even if you get really skilled at it.

Oh yeah. That's my favorite part. Like just kind of letting the dream do its thing. Just going with the flow, cuz obviously you won't be able to control every single dream. Sometimes it just doesn't let. So if you just go with the flow, go with the story or whatever your dream is presenting you, but you know, it's a dream.

You can have a lot of fun in it. Yeah. I feel like there's always cool lessons and stories there too. Like when we try to just control everything, sometimes we don't pay attention to like the details of like, The other dimension that we're hanging out in. Very cool. Have you ever had anything like that?

Like where you were inside of a dream and you couldn't control it, but you just kind of went with a story and it turned out to be like one of the best dreams you ever had. Yeah. I have had a lot of cool experiences like that where, you know, I just kind of went with it instead of trying to do things. And it was kind of like this long stretch of like dream within dreams within dreams.

And I've gone to a lot of different places. So honestly, like I always like to try to get answers for life, see the future and ask big existential questions and shit like that. Yeah. So you never know what you're gonna get. Sometimes I get random answers, but sometimes I've gotten some pretty deep stuff too.

Yeah. Have you ever, um, had like deep conversations with. Characters in your dream. Yeah, I have. Have you seen that movie waking life by the way? Oh no, I haven't. I have been needing to watch it. It's really good. It reminds me of that. He basically goes around having like deep existential conversations with all these dream characters and, um, Yeah, I have, I've done stuff like that.

I've had some really long dreams where like I was talking to these, like people who were like, apparently like souls or whatever, like they lived there and they were telling me like, oh, you know, dreamers, aren't usually allowed to come here, but, you know, Laylo or whatever. Yeah, exactly. They were telling me that like, this is where we come to like watch people on earth and stuff.

And they were telling me all these like secrets of the universe. It was like really crazy actually. And it was interesting that they said that because they kind of confirmed this theory that I have about how. You know, as Lu dreamers, we're allowed to have fun and use this space, but it's still not our space.

Like we can still be kicked out of it. There's some sort of other types of entities that like regulate this space to some degree. I don't know. Cause a lot of people will say like, oh yeah, you know, they woke me up. They said, I wasn't allowed to be in this dream or whatever. And I've had this experience too.

Mm-hmm  I don't know if you have these conversations, just blow my mind. So many people experience so many different things and like, I don't know, like what to, what to believe the most, I guess. So can you kind of explain a little bit more about that? Cause I wanna learn more about this other entity that could be controlling our subconscious.

Yeah. I don't know like how to even put it into words. I don't even know if it's like an entity or like just some sort of regulation. So the same way we have our world, right? Our 3d physical world, we live on earth. There's rules. You know, you, you know, there's like traffic laws, things like that, you know, we're in control of our world.

And I feel like the dream world, when we dream, we, we leave our body essentially. Right. And we enter a different type of space we're in our physical world, but it's beyond that because we're experiencing our consci. From outside of our body, especially when you're lucid, you know how it feels like you're really fully consciously there, but you're not in your body.

Right. But you're feeling and experience everything as if you. So my idea is that we go somewhere else, right? And this space that we go, the dream world, or whatever you call it, pastor plane, whatever name people give it is a space that we share with other people. Other conscious it's like a, a pool that like the whole collective consciousness is attached to.

But I think that other entities too can meet us there. Like that's why people are able to meet up with their deceased grandparents. Or people that have passed and get messages and things like that in their dreams. Like there's all these crazy stories of people getting information that they didn't have in real life.

Getting information from people that have passed you. And this happens a lot. And when I was having that dream, that one time I was with these spirits, that they were like, my friends, they were my spirit guides. One of them said that they knew me in a past life, shit like that. And they were in this room with me and they were like, yeah, dreamers aren't allowed to be here because you know, like whatever, I don't know what the reasoning was, but they were like letting me in or whatever.

They were my friends. And they were telling me like, yeah, just lay low, you know, don't do anything crazy. Don't act loose. Basically. I don't act like a lucid dreamer changing the color of the sky and acting crazy. So I was just laying low. So yeah, it's just interesting. Like of course I don't have all the answers, but I definitely feel like there's something more there than just, oh, just a dream.

You know, it's like an actual shared space that we access. Do you think it could be like a higher power? Like an extraterrestrial, like simulation? Theory. I don't know how much you've gotten into that, but yeah, I think it could be both. Um, I definitely think, I mean, I have so many theories. It's really hard to say.

Like, I, I believe in kind of anything could be possible. I do believe there's like a higher power, different types of higher powers, higher beings that are more elevated, enlightened, whatever you call it. Somebody's gotta be in control of something. I don't know. Maybe they have regions. I'm sure that aliens and extraterrestrials have some sort of grip on, you know, like the same way we colonize different countries and areas like I'm sure in other dimensions it's like similar, you know, like different people, different beings, different alien races, you know, have different amounts of control.

Cuz there's been stories of people getting. What do you call them abducted by aliens, through their dreams and stuff. You know, it's absolutely insane. Like my brain can't even comprehend any of that. I know it's crazy. It's crazy. It all sounds like sci-fi, but I don't know, like there's definitely some truth to some of it and we just not able to fully understand it.

Yeah. And then one day, maybe we will. Yeah. Maybe as of now that you're getting back into it, have you started to have more lucid dreams again? Uh, yeah, absolutely. Um, I actually had one last night as with everybody. It only lasted a couple seconds. Yeah. What kind of things do you do? Or, I dunno if you've gotten into any like techniques to stabilize and keep the dream going longer.

Yeah, I've tried a couple different things. Um, one of my favorite ones is. Meditated actually, I think meditation inside of the dreams is, is very cool. And typically when I meditate, I'll lay down, well, not lay down, but sit down, I'll close my eyes and I'll really try to connect with my head, but inside the dream.

So it's literally my brain inside the dream, even though it's inside my brain. It's, it's so tricky to think about. And, uh, I'll sit there and just kind of collect my emotion, not get too excited, not get too happy. Just kind of sit there and just think about what I want to dream about. And usually when I open my eyes, I'm either inside the dream that I had just pictured while meditating in the dream, or it's like a completely different scene.

And now I have to either change the scene again, or just kind of go with whatever scene that I'm in. I really love playing professional sports in my dreams. I never got the chance to do that in real life. So, you know, I get to play baseball or basketball in front of massive crowds inside my dreams and be the best player.

Like literally go up to bat and hit a home run in front of hundreds of thousands of these dream people. Yeah, that's dope that you really get to live out your wildest dreams and stuff. I feel like I have so many things I wanna do that I can never think on the spot of like, what I wanna do. I have to like, kind of have an idea beforehand or a blank out and I'll be like, I don't know.

I'll just fly around. Yeah. That's one of my favorite techniques too, is, um, but you essentially, you write out. The dream that you want, everything taste, smell, whatever is inside of your dreams, sights, the colors, the people, whatever, like absolutely every descriptive word you can use inside your dreams. You write it down and you essentially visualize it before you go to sleep.

And if at any point you wake up, you re visualize that dream or. Maybe it'll happen because your brain wants to do it so badly that it will just do it. Is it the VI technique? I don't know. It has to do with writing stuff down. It's cool. Yeah, it makes sense. I haven't actually tried it specifically that way, but I'll usually get lucid.

However, it happens. Like usually for me, it's like spontaneous or I'll notice something is weird. I do reality checks a lot. I'll be like, Hmm, this is off. Let me do a reality check and usually that'll work for me. And then I'll kind of, because I have an idea of what I wanna do. I'll get creative, cuz you know, sometimes the dream, like you never know where, what scene I'm gonna be in or what's gonna be around.

So I kind of get creative and make things up as I go. But with a common idea of like things I wanna try, like if I wanna go to Egypt or something, like I'll try to open different doors and see if I can like change the scene. Yeah. Or step through a mirror. Have you ever done that? No. Have you? Yeah. That's insane.

What happened? I went, it was just a completely black room. This is one of the only times I've done it. And it was just completely black. And I look back in the mirror, shows the dream world that I had just left. Some lights came down on me as if I was like inside of a studio. And there was a director with a camera and.

The stage kind of lit up and it was like a, like a studio out of Hollywood. I was so confused and I ended up walking out of the studio and I was in Hollywood and it felt so real. Like I was in Hollywood exactly how I pictured it. Exactly how I expected it to look like it was unreal. It was crazy. That's cool.

Yeah. I feel like dreams are, I mean, mirrors are a really good way to like, just experience something different and change the scene. I haven't stepped through it, but I have like looked in a mirror and. In my dream, like changed my appearance to like just a bunch of different characters. It was cool. Were you disturbed at all?

Not I was confused cuz I looked in the mirror and I was Paul McCartney and I , I don't know why, but it was very weird and I was just like moving around. I was like, okay, this is cool. Like, you know, you could shape shift. I was still me, but in a different body. Yeah. I've, I've heard a lot of stuff like that too.

I think there's a big, like misconception around looking in mirrors inside of a dream. I'm guilty of this by spreading the fear of looking inside of mirrors. And I don't think that's very good for Luci dreaming to spread those negative expectations. Yeah. By looking inside the mirror, a lot of people in my comments don't do this, don't do this.

This is you're gonna be so scared. Like don't tell people that. Yeah. And that's programming too. Cuz Luci dreaming is all about what you believe. If you believe that you suck and you can't do this, that's gonna. Show, if you're scared of something it's gonna become scarier, you know? Yeah. I've had cool mirror experiences.

Yeah, me too. And for people to spread stuff like that, it's it's bad. It's not good for the loose streaming community. Yeah. Well, I think it's good that you're like going back and making content that's real, you know, because I, I do the same thing. I tell people, like, it's all about what you believe, you know, like it's good to do research and talk to people and get ideas, but you don't wanna like scare yourself into thinking something is so black and white, because anything can happen in the dream.

There's not really like. You know? Yeah. Same with the talking to dream characters. That one video I had that went super viral. Tens of thousands of comments. Don't talk to your dream characters. It'll turn bad. Don't talk to dream characters. You'll get stuck. And it's like, where do you hear this stuff? Yeah.

People love to spread fear. I love talking to dream characters. They've given me some good life advice. Same same before we continue. I wanna take a second to tell you guys about these double wood supplements that I've been taking for lucid dreaming. Now, of course, as always, this it's not medical advice, but supplements can be really good for people that already have an established Luci dreaming practice, and wanna expand on that and try new things.

Double wood has a lot of supplements that are specifically for the brain functioning related to Luci dreaming. Currently I'm trying alpha GPC Galantamine and their five HTP, which are really good and lucid dreamers swear by it. I actually have. Count code dream 10. And you can click the link in the description to use my affiliate link so that you can get your supplements and support me at the same time.

I've been trying them out. So follow me on TikTok to see how they affect my dreams over the course of like a week and a month. I'll be posting reviews. And it's crazy to think that everybody, all those dream characters are people we've seen, like some point we've seen them in video games. Real life walking down the street, whatever it is, maybe.

Yeah. I think there's a combination. So I've always believed this. And of course, it's just my theory. Like our dreams are, you know, partially things that we store from our subconscious memory, you know, regurgitations, like even in the people in the back of your eye or the people you saw, like passing by in traffic that you don't even realize you're register.

But like I was saying earlier, how it's a shared space. I do think there's an element of some dream characters. Maybe there's the unconscious ones that our brain produces. But I do believe there are conscious dream characters, like other types of like non-human beings that just live in the dream world and can visit our dreams and, you know, things like that.

Yeah. I think there's both. Have you ever, there's a command for Luci dreaming that goes something. Remove all conscious dream characters. And I've tried this before and like 80% of the people in the dream disappeared only like a few people stayed. Oh, like a Thano snap kind of. Yeah. That's wild.  yeah. The, uh, the video you were talking about that where you said to ask them the date and time, which I always thought was cool.

And I noticed a lot of people commenting like, oh, that doesn't work. That doesn't work. And you never know what's gonna work. Like sometimes they might give you a random answer. Sometimes they might tell you, like, in my dream, they were like, oh yeah, this is the year 20, 29. We own a restaurant. Now this is what our future looks like.

I was like, cool.  yeah. A lot of people asked me what mine was and I never released a video on it, just because I don't know if I'm gonna release a lot of my experiences. Mm-hmm  because I don't want to give expectations to people. And then. Yeah, them kind of take those into account when they're dreaming.

When that, when I asked them, they just told me it was my birthday and I thought that was pretty cool. That is May 26th, 2001 . Oh, nice. Yeah. I, you know, I often don't share my dreams either, but I do in the context of like, This is what I did, but just keep in mind that you never know what's gonna happen.

This is something you can try just to see that this is, you know, something cool can happen. You never know how people are gonna take it, but it's good to spread the, just the idea that there's just like so many possibilities of things you can do while you're dreaming. Yeah. Maybe I should start sharing up.

So that way people listen to my experiences rather than the people in the comments. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, you should. You should definitely. And you can. Say in there, like every once in a while, like I do like, you know, this is how it went for me, but like just try it, see what happens and you don't, you never know what's gonna happen because everyone's different.

Yeah. Don't listen to these fools. Yeah. Try for yourself.  yeah. Through lucidity. So lucid is to be aware. Yeah. Through lucid, dreamers will not take anybody's expectation into account. Exactly. Rule lucid. Dreamers do not do that. That is true. Yes, exactly. You take all the research and all the ideas, but you.

The best source of information is your own experience. Absolutely. You know how they say, when you read numbers or texts in a dream, it might be gibberish or it might not work or something like that. Mm-hmm, , it's a common reality check too, to check your phone, cuz your phone might not work in a dream and people will even say, oh, it's dangerous, whatever.

And I've had dreams where I check my phone and it works normal. I've had my dreams where I check my phone and is gibberish and I got lucid or I read text and is gibberish or sometimes I read text and it's another language and sometimes it it's English. So I've had all of I've had both, you know, you really never know.

That's funny. Every dream is different. Literally every dream is different. Yeah. That's so funny cuz I've never been able to see my phone in my dreams. Really. In fact, I stopped one of the reality checks that I, uh, used to tell people to do is to, uh, install notification on their phone. And like every 30 minutes when your phone buzzes to a reality check.

Yeah. But since my phone's never my dream, it's not, I never became exactly. Yeah. Yeah. That's why I don't recommend that as a reality check either. Unless you, you know, unless a phone is a dream sign for you and you're always holding your phone, but even so the alarm, maybe the alarm won't be effective, but every time you see your phone, you can do a reality check.

If you have your phone in your dream a lot. Yeah, absolutely. One of the easiest ones that I. Did and it worked really well for me. It was just putting a dot on my hand and that dot was inside my dreams as well when I'd look down at my hands. And usually when I look down at my hands in general, like they're all wild.

I don't know if you've seen my profile photo, but that's kind of what they look like inside my dreams. That's cool. So as a reality check, do you just look at your hands or do you do anything specific to like test it out? I just look at my hands, typically my fingers either more or less, or they're super long sometimes, or like zigzagged, they're kind of all over the place.

But that's the one that I rely on the most. And I know there's a lot of 'em out there, but they all work differently for different people. So it's important to do multiple ones just to make sure. But there's always that one that works most of the time. Yeah. Everyone has like their kind of go to, so like, what I do is I'll stretch my finger and it.

Stretches like rubber, like a giant rubber finger  and that has usually worked for me, but the other day, it like didn't work for the first time, like nothing happened. So I was like, oh, okay. This is not a dream. And it was a dream, so I just didn't catch it. But that's why, oh, you did become lucid. I didn't become lucid.

Yeah. So sometimes your brain can still like trick you or not catch onto it. Or sometimes I'll even be like, oh, I have 18 fingers. Like, oh, that's normal. I'm not dreaming.  I remember learning that when we dream, there's a certain part of our brain. That shuts off that makes it so we can tell the difference between reality and dreams.

It shuts off. That's why, like the craziest things will happen in your dream. And you just think it's normal. It makes sense though, because it's kind of hard to differentiate reality and dream. It's a skill, like a mental skill to kind of catch the fact that something's off and you're actually dreaming.

Like it kind of has taken me some training. And it eventually becomes almost like second nature, um, where you can just kind of feel that it's a dream. Yeah. Yeah. Like sometimes I don't even need a reality check. Yeah. I always do it as a backup anyways, but yeah, it definitely takes time. It takes time. It's like, it's literally like building muscle.

Yeah. You know, you can't go to the gym for a month and expects results. It takes, it takes a year. It takes a long time and you gotta be consistent. Yeah. I think a lot of people don't understand that they just want. To lose a dream tonight. Yeah. They just wanna be really good at it by watching this one video.

Exactly. Don't get me wrong. Works works for some people, you know, some people are just naturally better at it. Some people are naturally worse at it, but the better you get the easier it is to have a Luci dream tonight, you know, mm-hmm  and there's this guy, Daniel Love. Have you ever heard of him? I don't think so.

He kind of took my videos and then just kind of destroyed them. On his live stream and wow, I talked to him and he kind of, kind of taught me more about Luci dreaming. And he talked about how beginner lucid dreamers have about a 6% chance on any given night of having a lucid dream. If they're dream journaling, they're doing their reality checks.

They're thinking about it while somebody who does that every day for a year has more of a 50% chance on any given night of having a dream. So it takes time to get up there and it takes work to get up there. It takes a lot of work to get up to the point where on any given night, you have a 50, 50 chance of having a lucid dream, but beginners you have about a 6% chance at any given night of having a Luci dream.

So you could go a hundred nights without having a Luci dream. And then the next a hundred nights you'll have 12 Luci dreams. Yeah. It makes sense. You know, because you don't wanna get so frustrated, like it's kind of like a gift to become lucid. You gotta earn it, you know, in a way. And it's not supposed to be frustrating.

You can have fun with it and like incorporate it into your daily life and build this awareness. I think there's like a lesson when it comes to Lu dreaming of like become more aware in your daily life become more attached to your dream life. And these are things that like are good for us mentally for our soul, you know, for our life.

So I think that's why, you know, it's not just easy, like you can't just log on and play a video game today. You know, you kind of gotta work towards it a little bit, but it is very rewarding. Absolutely. And if you wanna become a true lucid dreamer, you have to not listen to the mob of people that are telling you what to expect.

Mm-hmm  when you lose a dream, you have to be a real lucid dreamer and be aware that those people aren't you. Yeah. They're not in your head. They're not your subconscious. You are. Exactly. And that applies a lot to, I see this a lot dream analysis and it really irks me when people are like, oh yeah, just look it up here, look up what it means to dream of a snake and you'll figure it out.

And it's the same thing, you know, because like we're all different. And like we can offer each other perspectives, but what I dream of a snake, if I love snakes or somebody else hate snakes across the world, that's gonna have a completely different, you know, meaning to their dream about the same symbol.

So it's really like tapping into your own personal subconscious language. Understanding what he's trying to tell you, instead of relying on somebody else to tell you what it means, do you have a snake? No, I don't. I just think you have a random example. Oh, I gotcha. I have a ball Python, so I was like, wow, you have a snake too.

That's awesome. Oh, that's cool. Yeah. You see, like you would pro your meaning of a, what a snake means to you would probably be completely different than mine or somebody who's like scared of snakes, you know? Yeah. Like I love snakes. I have a pet snake. So if I dream about a snake you're right. It could mean different than if you were scared of snakes and.

Exactly. And if you look at like some generic dream dictionary, it'll probably tell you like, oh, snake, betrayal, anxiety, or something that might not even resonate with you at all, or have anything to do with your life. Yeah. And dream meeting. That's quite interesting cuz I'm actually going on a podcast. Um, next week with a guy who's a professional dream interpreter.

So he takes people's dreams and interprets them. Interesting. So I'm gonna ask him. Like what he does with the skepticism behind it. Uh, I guess I'll share it with you. Cool. Yeah, there are some like pretty like tried and true methods of interpreting dreams and like, you can't help somebody interpret the dream, but from what I've found, and I don't know what his method is, but I'll speak from what I've learned.

Is that there's a way where you can guide somebody in order to help them interview their own dreams. But instead of me telling you like, oh, I think your dream means this, this and this. Like your future is this, whatever, you know, I'm asking you like, okay, I'm helping you break it down. I'm helping you dissect the symbols of your dream.

Figure out like what the objects in your dream are. The people, the characters, the emotions, the environments. Like break them down to like what they mean, what they're described as like ask all the right questions to describe all of these symbols in a very objective and obvious way, and then take those descriptions and try to, instead of me telling you, I'm kind of asking you the right questions to guide you, to figure it out yourself, like to see what these connections are into your waking life.

Does that make sense? Yeah. If you know your waking life better than I do, or anybody interpreting your dreams, so like, I can help. Pose the right questions, but you're the one that has to make the connections of like, okay, well there's somebody in my life here that could make sense of what that means, you know, and stuff like that.

Yeah. Super interesting stuff. Like the theories behind why we dream. And I think dream interpretation is falls into one of the theories that are subconscious is trying to tell us something. Super interesting. Yeah. Yeah. I think so too. Your subconscious knows you in your life, so it knows like how to talk to you.

Sometimes it's not always literal. It's kind of like cryptic and you have to like figure out what it means. Or sometimes it's pointing to something in your past that you have to address that you're not over cuz you know, we. If we go through trauma and stuff, they repress it. They don't think about it.

And your, their dreams will keep bringing it up as like, Hey, we haven't addressed this. You know, we have to move on from this. So it's like your internal therapist. Have you ever encountered a dream guide inside your dream? Yeah, I have, I've actually asked for a dream guide a few times while just like scream into the dream.

Like I'm looking for a dream guide and I've had it happen a couple times. One of the times it was like a guy and he told me his name or whatever. And he was like going around the dream, like helping me do cool dream stuff. Like we were honestly just having fun, trying different things. Like changing things, making them big or smaller.

I was asking him questions, just helping me do dream stuff. Keeping you safe. Super jealous, super jealous. I've been trying to find one, but I can't nothing ever shows up whenever I ask. Really? What do you do? I, same thing as you, I just ask, I just kind of ask my dream to send me a dream. One thing I like to do, you know, with the whole full confidence, you know, you turn around.

Right. And you're like, oh, I know my dream guide is behind me. Like, Hey, dream guide, what's up. And I'll like, turn around, just like greeting him, knowing he's gonna be there or she, or whatever. And you can also, as you're falling asleep, maybe add this in there, like add it as like your intention as you're falling asleep, like dream guides, like come meet me in my dream.

Yeah. I'm gonna have to do that. Cuz I haven't really like tried super hard to do it. Yeah. I just kinda asked like inside my dream, but. I'm gonna try super hard to do it now.  yeah. Yeah. You know, it can always be cool. It's like an alter ego, isn't it? I think that's what they characterize it as. Yeah. Maybe what would you ask or what would you do with the dream guide?

Do you have any ideas? Oh, that's a good question. I don't even know. I couldn't tell you right now. I'd have to really think about that. Yeah. What do you usually ask? 'em some advice in life. I've asked them in terms of like my career and my podcast. Like, am I on the right track? Like, do I, you know, things in terms of like my waking life, like getting clarity, but then also sometimes I'll just have fun.

Like show me how to, you know, make, let's make a cool painting. I've made a sculpture with a dream guide before. And then I, it was like really cool. I memorized it. I was lucid and I was like, memorizing the sculpture and I've always thought like, okay, I could wake up and make this sculpture, you know, that I created in my dream.

I've done that a few times. So that is so maybe I will one day. Awesome to hear. Yeah. I just made a YouTube video. About Charlie PO and Charlie PO has lucid dreams quite often his most recent song, the one, um, oh, how does it go? It's like, I can hear you over here. I can hear you over here and yeah. And right.

Or whatever it is, he, he heard that tune inside of dream. Oh, that's took a lot of his dream and made it a song. And now it's like, That's dope. Top charts. Yeah. That's crazy. I've heard a lot of really famous songs. The artist has done that. It's crazy. It makes me wonder, like, did we come up with this in our brain?

Did the dream give it to us? Like, that's so interesting. I need to get my dream guide to like, yeah. Write me a song. Yeah. So that I can like retire. It's one of the things on my list. I have this ultimate list of things to do while Lu dreaming. I just dropped it in the chat. You should check it. But one of the things on there is ask the dream to show you a best selling book or a best top chart song that doesn't exist yet.

The ultimate list of things to do. Oh, let's go through this. This will be awesome. Yeah. It's super powers. Hell yeah. I broke it into categories. I've made it with some of my Luci dreamer, friends. Yeah. Mind, body and soul. Huge. I love it. So if anybody needs some INPO, there's good. INPO, it's good to kind of have a general idea of things you could try so that you don't blink out.

Once you're there, ask my dream for my biggest fear, do this. Don't be scared to do this, do it. Yeah, exactly. That one takes a lot of practice to not get scared and. If you get sleep paralysis or whatever, to just push through it. Yeah. Do you get it quite often? Yeah, I honestly do not. As often as I used to, I've gotten used to it, but I'll still get it once in a while and it doesn't bother me anymore.

I kind of like it now, cuz I know that I can torque it into something. Cool. Sometimes it turns into like a dream or like a false awakening and every once in a while it'll still be so scary that I'm like, get me outta here.  yeah, it still happens. Yeah. It can be quite, it can be quite scary sometimes. Yeah.

I try to tell people to just, you know, push through it. It's the easiest way to get into a Luci dream is you're already there. Yes. But you know, sometimes you just, you just can't. Yeah. Sometimes it's hard. It definitely takes practice, but it's kind of like, you know, facing your fears is just something good for us to do, especially when you just remind yourself in the moment.

Like this is just a dream, like this is just a projection of my fears. Nothing can hurt me. You know, if your spiritual say a prayer, whatever it is that works for you, affirmations, all these things will help you get through just like giving yourself like positive energy and a pep talk. Oh, absolutely. I had, um, one of the scariest sleep paralysis experiences I've ever had.

It's actually, it already gave me to goosebumps just saying it. I was, I was living in this house in Boise, Idaho, and this house was. Quite haunted. I don't know if somebody died in it. I noises were made during the night and it just felt, it felt like a haunted house. It really did, but I was living there alone.

Well, first of all, there, there was all sorts of times where I'd have friends over and they would ask me if I was walking around in the middle of the night and I was like, no, I was asleep. Or if I took a shower at 3:00 AM, like some dude seriously told me that he heard the shower turn on at 3:00 AM and somebody took a shower and then got.

And I was asleep the whole time. I thought he was messing with me, but I was asleep one time at this house. I'm gonna, I'm gonna try and describe this best I can. It has downstairs. It has two bedrooms connected to a living room and then a kitchen with a staircase that goes upstairs to one bedroom. So the stairs go up to the bedroom.

I was sleeping upstairs one night. I woke up and I couldn't move and I didn't understand what was going on. I didn't really know that it was sleep paralysis at the time, but I heard the front door open and I started hearing footsteps downstairs, like walking toward the staircase. I, I. Freaking out, but like, I couldn't move, but I also, like my brain couldn't comprehend that I was in sleep paralysis.

I don't know why or what was going on. Started walking up the steps and this is giving me goosebumps so bad. Geez. And I couldn't move. I couldn't go and grab anything to defend myself. I couldn't, I literally couldn't do anything. And the sound came up the steps right up next to my bed. I had my eyes closed.

I didn't even wanna open 'em whatever happened was gonna happen. And I woke up and there was nothing there. And I was like, what the heck? That's so creepy. So creepy. Yeah. It's crazy. How, like, we start to experience like all these things that you just don't know if it's real. Am I in my house? Am I in like a different.

Version of my house. Like, is, am I imagining this? Like, it's just so confusing. You never really know what to do, but I always just remind myself if you can, cuz sometimes like you said, like you can't even register that it's a dream. You just scared  you just out of there. You just, you don't even know sometimes.

Yeah. But if, and this was literally a couple months ago, like yeah. I had hundreds of experiences with sleep paralysis and I didn't even know that that's what it. Yeah. Yeah, it definitely is scary. And it takes a long time to get used to, and like muster up the courage to be like, okay, let me talk to this ghost Demonn thing.

What is it he been trying to do when I've actually made a video about this? But I actually did ask it one time. Like, who are you? And it told me, I am you. I was like, oh, oh,  I don't know how I feel about that. What do I do with that about right? No, literally, but yeah, you know, like I think part of it is, is like our fear projecting out.

Maybe it is like, maybe we are crossing over through dimensions and we just pass by different energies and maybe we are just. As humans because we see it as something scary and bad. Like we project it as like, oh, a Demonn, but like, maybe it's just like a friendly ghost walking by, like, you know, we never really know.

You never know. Yeah. The only thing that I find a little skeptical is people believe in dream sharing and. I feel like if that was real, it would be super easy to prove because you and somebody else could plan a dream. Yeah. Join it and be able to give each other the information that you had set before you even wanted a dream.

The reason it's hard to prove. So my brother and I are actually trying to do this and I fully believe it's possible. I do believe that it's hard to prove though, because you have to have two people with same Lu dreaming goals to go in there with keywords. And remember the dream. Like you have to be both really dedicated to it, you know?

Because even if like, and my brother and I have gotten close, like we've had similar dreams, like, so I had a dream where my brother was in there and we we're currently doing this thing where we're trying to give each other a keyword from within the dream, which you would think like, yeah, if we could do that, that's pretty solid proof.

Right. And people have done similar things. Like I will say there are anecdotal stories. And we've gotten close to doing it. Cuz I had a dream and I was fully lucid, but my brother was not, but he was in my dream and I was like telling him, I was like trying to look into his eyes. I don't know. I was like, maybe that'll kind of like wake up his consciousness.

I don't know. I was just trying shit. Cause we don't know even how do we, you know, do that. But, and I gave him like I was trying to get him to become lucid. I was like, Hey, you're in my dream. Like wake up, you know, whatever. And then, um, I didn't tell him anything, but I told him the next day, like you're in my dream.

Hey, do you remember anything? Like, what did you dream about? And he was like, I felt that you were in my dream, but I couldn't like get lucid. Like I felt like somebody was trying to help me get lucid, but I was like in and out of the dream, in and out of lucidity, like I couldn't really fully form the dream.

So like, he couldn't really remember it. So I think it's a matter of like two people being able to have the recall of the same event, you know? Yeah. Which is hard to achieve. It's just hard, like it is. Yeah. Yeah. But I do believe it's possible. Honestly. You think so we should definitely run some experiments.

Yeah, we should. So there was a Luci dreamer that went into AUSA dream and signaled a doctor in the real world by moving his eyes in a certain way. So you can control your eye movement while inside of elusive dream. Interesting. Now what somebody's trying to do right now, I forgot what her name is.

They're trying to connect a device to track their eye movement while they're inside of the dream to send a message to the real world, like on her Instagram account or whatever it is. That she's inside of the dream. That's hard. There's so many barriers there, but it's, that's cool if they're able to do that.

That's awesome, man. And like, I do know there's I read this book of this lady, Jennifer dumper, and she talks a lot about liminal dreaming, which is kind of like that crossing over phase in between. And she was so like good at navigating that space that she would be like half asleep in a dream fully in a dream, still able to speak and narrate the dream from within the dream.

She wasn't fully in a dream. It's like that hypnagogic phase where you're like navigating the border of consciousness. So she was able to speak over through the consciousness border while asleep, but still like voice recording her dream while she was in it. That's so wild. Some of these people have done some incredible things.

Yeah. It's definitely some, a lot of new stuff, new experiments and stuff coming to the surface. So. Yeah. Yeah. I think it's definitely growing and expanding. It's just like, you know, we're navigating new territory literally. Yeah. Literally, cuz it's been in the dark cuz religion kind of destroyed it for the last couple thousand years.

Yeah. They called it work of the devil or whatever. Exactly. And now it's finally being researched and yeah. Who knows what's gonna happen in the next 20 years with it? Exactly. Yeah. It's getting the credit it deserves for sure. And I definitely think. It's a natural thing that our bodies do, you know? So how could it be something negative even for the religious people out there.

Even the Bible says that people dream dreams and saw vision. So they were doing it too.  yeah. And like, I guess I understood where they were coming from at the start where, you know, God created the world and you shouldn't mess with that world. Even if it's the dream world, I guess. I don't know what their reasoning was.

Yeah, but God created your subconscious. If, if that's what they believe, God created your subconscious. Yeah. So you should be able to explore what God created if that's what you believe. Exactly. I don't know why they threw it in the dark, but they, I mean, I have some theories about that too, but yeah, I do believe that too.

Like it's, it's something that God created for us to explore and understand ourselves better. And it's like, you. It's like a tool, you know, and it's just like any other tool it's not meant to be abused or you can't get obsessed with it and get lost in the dream world. Like you still have to tend to your waking day reality.

And so that's where the balance comes in. But I do think that there's some people of power who don't want us to unlock these secret tools because they're beneficial to the masses and that can be harmful to, you know, certain. If you start thinking and you start learning things, the higher authorities don't like that.

Exactly. If you're using thinking  exactly. So, yep. That's why they ban psychedelics. Exactly. Yep. Yeah. It's all kind of in the similar category. And, um, there are things that happen in the dream and even in our life, like that are very similar to like trippy psychedelic experiences. When we're born and when we're dying, we release like DMT naturally in our bodies.

So, you know, they're just kind of proving that all these things are kind of related somehow. Awesome. Well, this has been a really cool combo, but before we end, I do kind of wanna like give you a chance to just tell people like where they can find you like your links and I'll include it in the description, but also go ahead and tell people.

Yeah, so I'm on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok. In the future, I'll be on Twitch, live streaming stuff. Um, it's real Nate Turner and I have been posting Lu dreaming stuff for a couple years now. I think a lot of people can trust the stuff that I teach and that I project just cuz I have so much experience with it.

And I've learned a lot about it from a scientific aspect and from an experience aspect and yeah, go follow me. I'd love to interact with you guys. Thanks for listening. And if you made it this far, I appreci. You I've been working on a lot of really cool stuff for you guys. First and foremost, every Tuesday on clubhouse, we have discussions, open rooms, safe space to share dreams, ask questions, talk about lucid dreams and just talk to experts and share with each other.

And we also have dream circles on Sunday. So that's two clubhouse rooms a week. Follow the lucid dreamers group. It's free to download clubhouse and you can find it on the dream world If you need the link, I've also been working with a really cool dream journaling app. That's currently. Own, and they will have an Android version.

Soon. It is called Onri and their dream journaling app is really cool. I've actually been using it for years before I even started my podcast. It's a really good app because it allows you to break down your dreams and look at your dream symbols and analyze them. And it has a lot of really cool features, so I highly recommend it.

And they're also coming out with a course and I've been working with them to build a course and moderate it. So definitely check that out too. If you wanna work deeper with me, I have a lot of cool resources for you guys. Discount codes, affiliate links, a lot of free resources as well. So definitely check that out, check out my website.

I'm gonna update it with a lot of cool stuff that I can connect you guys with. So thanks for listening. If you made it this far sweet dreams.