The Dream World

EP31: How to Lucid (Feat. Stefan Zugor)

November 09, 2022 Amina Feat Stefan Zugor Season 1 Episode 29
The Dream World
EP31: How to Lucid (Feat. Stefan Zugor)
Show Notes

Today's guest is Stefan Zugor, the founder of and an internationally recognized lucid dreaming author, coach, educator, and researcher.  Stefan is a long-term lucid dreamer who loves sharing his experiences. He has a background in psychology, biohacking, and sleep science. His Youtube channel now has over 11M views and inspires millions of people to learn how to lucid dream. 

In this episode, Stefan and I dive into some more profound concepts regarding lucid dreaming. 

  •  How can you use it to conquer your fears?
  • Is the dream space all in our heads? Is it really only a projection of our subconscious mind, or is it an alternate reality that we can share with other dreamers
  • How does the way we treat our dream characters affect our psyche? Why is it important to be patient and compassionate with dream characters? Does harming dream characters cause harm?
  • How similar is the dream world to our waking world? How does quantum physics play a role in our understanding of reality? Is the dream world an additional plane that supplements the physical plane?
  • Did you know that lucid dreaming helps us improve our skills in real life? Yes, you can actually practice sports, study exam information, and get better at skills by consciously doing them in your dreams. This is backed by scientific research showing the neural pathways formed while building muscle memory and confidence in performing certain tasks in a dream. 
  • Can we use our lucid dreams as an immersive visualization that can help us manifest things into reality?

Books mentioned in the Episode
The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief

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