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EP35: Lucid Dreaming is a Gateway to the Inner Self (Feat. Robert Waggoner)

March 11, 2023 Amina Feat. Robert Waggoner Season 2 Episode 4
The Dream World
EP35: Lucid Dreaming is a Gateway to the Inner Self (Feat. Robert Waggoner)
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Today's guest is a legendary expert, author and researcher in the lucid dreaming field. Robert Waggoner, author of two very popular lucid dreaming books, and the former president of the International Association for the Study of Lucid Dreams. A lucid dreamer since 1975, over the past forty years he has logged more than a thousand lucid dreams and got to watch the rise of scientific interest in lucid dreaming. Today I have the pleasure of talking to him about some of the most asked questions in regards to the dream world! Are dream characters sentient or a part of our subconsious projections? How can we get healing from our dreams? What about overcoming nightmares?

Robert Waggoner's Lucid dreaming magazine
My dream "The Lucid Lesson" is featured in the September 2022 Issue:

Books mentioned in the episode
Carlos Castaneda Journey to Ixtlan
Gateway to the inner self Robert Waggoner
Lucid Dreaming Plain & simple Robert Waggoner

Topics in this episode:
10:00 Early lucid dreaming research 
20:18 shared dreaming
28:20 Past life dreams/reincarnation
36:00 Different dream POV
37:30 Dealing with dream characters
39:25 Meeting deceased relatives
42:15 Using dreams for healing
46:00 Limiting beliefs & expectations- The power of suggestion. 

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Early lucid dreaming research
shared dreaming
Past life dreams/reincarnation
Different dream POV
Dealing with dream characters
Meeting deceased relatives
Using dreams for healing
Limiting beliefs & expectations- The power of suggestion.