The Dream World

EP36: Online Lucid Dreaming Experiment

March 19, 2023 Amina Season 2 Episode 5
The Dream World
EP36: Online Lucid Dreaming Experiment
Show Notes

Every single night we all dream. It's just a matter of being able to remember it. Want to build your dream recall? Join us for the LARGEST dream online experiment.

A high school psychology class started Night Owl's interest in dreaming. After discovering dream journaling, he experienced his first lucid dream and first sleep paralysis phenomenon. From there, everything changed. He never wanted to feel helpless in his dreams again and embarked on a journey of lucidity and dreamwork.

Night owl is currently recruiting participants for an online dreaming experiment. Phase 1 is comparing the effectiveness of different dream journaling methods. Participating in this experiment will help YOU find out what works for you, and help you build your dreamwork practice, as well as increase lucidity. All it takes is 5 min survey every day and following specific instructions about your dream journaling.

Contribute to consciousness and dream research by becoming a part of the data! Participating in this experiment will significantly improve your dream recall & lucidity. 

To join the experiment:

1. Take the online pre-qualification survey here

2. Follow the reddit

3. Join The dream world podcast discord for more info, and to find the Experiment server.

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