The Dream World

EP45: Meet The Hosts + Special Announcement

August 30, 2023 Amina & Martin Season 2 Episode 13
The Dream World
EP45: Meet The Hosts + Special Announcement
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The Dream World University Online Course Includes:

10-week self-paced course
Video lectures and written content from various professors
PDF studies and resources
Audio files, meditations, and downloadable tools
Access to Binaural Beats and E-books
Opportunities to participate in research
Public dream share & interact with the community
Challenges, prizes, dream meetups, group chats, q&a, networking.
Weekly group sessions
A lifetime of valuable wisdom
$77 Special Launch Price for SEPTEMBER ONLY!

Learn more about the power of dreams & true nature of consciousness
The dream world is another dimension that we access while we sleep. Dream work allows us to innerstand the depths of our psyche and spirit. We can uncover parts of our past, present, and future. Through working with our dreams, we can heal trauma, get insights into our personal relationships, improve our lives, and an infinite amount of fun activities. We spend a third of our lives asleep which is usually neglected. Many people sleep walk through their dreams with little to no lucid awareness.

Our mission is to show you how your dreams can impact your life and act as your internal therapist. Not only will you learn to lucid dream on a consistent basis, but also to analyze your non lucid dreams, how to incubate different types of dreams, and so much more. To do this, we create not only an online course, but also a community that is safe for the discussion of dreams. This is the most extensive dream university curated by experts all over the world! 


I started the online course and I had a really productive LD last night! I am working on a new project outside of my specialty at work, and I have to create operative manual. So last night I dreamt that one of my co-workers was giving me markers and paper, and I became lucid. Then in my dream, I drew a simple scetch that describe the different aspects of the manual. I woke up, drew it and now I have the baseline of the manual.
-Yam (student)

I started having lucid dreams after watching these videos! I am so happy that I finally did it after trying for months. For all the people who think they cant lucid dream, YOU CAN! I never gave up, and I got alot of help from the Dream World University.
-Weitze (student)

Im so grateful for this community. I love reading everyone’s adventures and how you explore consciousness. You all inspire me. I started listening to the meditations in the course, and my dreams are back to being clear after a period of not having dreams at all.
-Tyler (Student)


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00:00:00:00 - 00:00:06:23
we are the host of the Dream World podcast and we're really excited to announce something that we've been working on for a really long time now.

00:00:06:23 - 00:00:14:10
We've been putting this together for over a year, really, because we've been collecting knowledge and resources and, you know, dream workers and all of that.

00:00:14:10 - 00:00:43:06
So we're launching our first online course coming out of the Dream World podcast, and we called it the Dream World University, not an official university. It's just an online course where, you know, we put a lot of love into it. And the goal is to teach people how to lucid dream from beginner to advanced practices. But we also have sections in there like sleep, hygiene, liminal, dreaming, like all the hypnagogic stages to meditation and mindfulness and everything that helps you build the foundational practice for lucid dreaming.

00:00:43:06 - 00:00:44:05
just to get to knowus a little bit as the coaches. I'm Amina, I've been a lucid dreamer my whole life. I met Martin through the community of lucid Dreamers and he is an on or not advanced lucid dreamer. So I'll let you give a little background on on your training and stuff.

Yeah, I'm Martin. I'm one of the coaches and teachers of the online course. So my background is that I started my dream work practice based in when I was born. I remember dreams that I record on the back of my earliest dream journals. So those early dreams from childhood and growing up were an integral part. Then I had this ex-girlfriend of mine who is training to be a shaman. Like a witch doctor and the spirit medium. And then I went with her, saw her teachers, and then she got me into the process of recording dreams and looking for premonitions and ancestral links and dreams. A few years later, I trained in Buddhist temple in some workshops under a Kaiju lineage teacher who taught me many practices, and a few years later, I did another workshop with the same guy in Buddhist temple training and yoga and then draw on lucid dream practices in general dream work.
All in all, I've been recording Dreams for about 15 years, and before that I have more dreams that I remember from early youth. So I combine those. I use lucid dreaming a lot for creativity. Like the picture behind me, I painted a street of the city over 100 meters, painters in vivid colors, and I utilize dreaming in all of my artworks and in music.
Actually, last night I was just composing a song In the Dream is still unpublished, so I won't sing it now yet. Yeah, so I use this dream a lot for creativity and also for past life work, which I do coaching as well, past lives and lucid dreaming. And that's just a bit about me, though. I'm from Zimbabwe

00:02:49:20 - 00:02:53:14
So yeah, as you can see, like we're we put together
dream work experts that have a lot of experience and training in the field from the spiritual side to the science side, kind of like taking the podcast to a new level. And you know, for me a little bit about my background, I have more of like a science background.

And I did a lot of self-exploration. I did I studied psychology and neuroscience in college. I did my master's thesis on lucid dreaming for creative inspiration because I'm also an artist more as a hobby. And yeah, like Martin said, lucid dreaming can be used for so many things. So whatever it is, your reasoning or motivation for wanting to learn Lucid dream will work with you on that.

00:03:28:21 - 00:03:43:05
And also, like Martin said, we do one on one coaching too. So that's another level that you could sign up for. In addition to the course with either me or Martin or any of the dream coaches that we'll come across, we're always going to continue to add to the course later on as we go.

00:03:43:05 - 00:03:44:10
you can sign up.
This is our website, theDreamworldpodcast dot com. We have a lot of resources on there like a blog, but if you go to the top, you'll see online course. And then from there this is the sign up page. If you want personal coaching, you can go to this tab where you can see everything that we're going to offer.

And then the course itself, it's ten weeks and the purpose of the course is to put together lectures and videos. Most of them are shorter videos, bite sized content, some of them are longer. There's written content, articles, PDF studies, resources. We put together a lot of evidence based research articles for you, meditations, binaural beats, things made specifically for this, even little workbooks and other things like that.

00:04:31:19 - 00:04:46:13
So you can go through it at your own pace. You can use the type of content that you like to consume if you want to read through it or watch the videos, it's really up to you. Of course, we suggest that you watch every module because we put our heart into it, but it's really you go through it yourself kind of thing

00:04:46:13 - 00:04:49:05
and it's a lifetime of valuable wisdom.

00:04:49:07 - 00:05:07:01
So right now we're doing a launch sale for $77. This is that unlimited access. You get lifetime access for this price and it's only going to be this price for this month, a very limited time. This is just our launch deal for the special people that sign up first. So get it at this price because it will go up

00:05:07:03 - 00:05:24:06
Here's a preview of some of the modules. We can just go through them really quick. The first week is very much intro to Dream Work. So if you're an advanced, lucid dreamer, you know you can kind of skip to the second half or skim through it because we do start with the basics. We try to get everybody in here, build a dream work, practice.

00:05:24:06 - 00:05:45:02
You know, we do things right, teach people how to recall their dreams, and then we go to beginner, lucid dreaming stuff like induction techniques and how to deal with nightmares and sleep paralysis, limiting beliefs, that kind of stuff. We even get into some sleep hygiene because, you know, a lot of people need that. How to get a good sleep environment just the science.

00:05:45:02 - 00:06:02:13
Some tips for that liminal dreaming. This one is my favorite one because it's kind of for everybody. Like there's so many things you can do within the liminal space. A lot of people focus on lucid dreaming so much, but they forget that there's an entire liminal space of, you know, things you can do with your dreams.

00:06:02:13 - 00:06:04:24
So yeah, that's what Yoga Nidra is all about.

00:06:04:24 - 00:06:29:12
Yeah, it's just like the foundational practices first and then more advanced practices later. Yet we really went in-depth on each section. So they're really comprehensive modules for each section. And like, it's really, really backed by scientific articles and long descriptions of text.

00:06:29:12 - 00:06:43:07
If you want to read the text that accompanies this video, we encourage that. Yet it's not mandatory yet. We just put a lot into all sections and it's really, really comprehensive and insightful.

00:06:43:07 - 00:06:46:12
all the videos have captions for accessibility too.

00:06:46:14 - 00:07:00:10
And then we also have a whole section on dream analysis because that is a big thing. People want to know what their dreams mean, how to analyze them. And it's our mission to teach people how to do things right. You know, you don't have to Google what is dreaming of this mean or what is dreaming of that mean.

00:07:00:16 - 00:07:18:01
You can learn how to analyze your dreams for yourself. And we have some really good content on that that you know, has really helped a lot of people. So we even talk about diving into your shadow work and confronting the negative aspects of self and dream work can really help with that too. It's a big part of dream work.

00:07:18:01 - 00:07:29:23
So when we get into the advanced lucid dreaming stuff, if you are confident with your lucid dreaming, you just want to increase your lucid dreaming frequency. This is perfect for you because we are also,

00:07:29:23 - 00:07:49:01
advanced, experienced, lucid dreamers. So we understand that it's hard sometimes to, you know, increase your dream control and stabilize the dream if you want longer lucid dreams and more frequent lucid dreams, you know, this is the course for you because we go into that all that kind of stuff, and you can join us on Discord, get involved in the community.

00:07:49:07 - 00:08:08:13
We have a WhatsApp group. We just love talking to people so you can get a lot of help by just being in the community and learning how other people do things. It's really about self-exploration. That's what it's about. Our goal is not to like, we're not your leaders, we can't teach you everything. We're just here to inspire you and to show you everything that we've learned.

00:08:08:13 - 00:08:31:11
So we've put together everything we know and we're always going to add to it. And our goal is just to motivate people to get interested in dreams and to continue their practice. Because if you're alone, you know, it can get really hard to stay motivated. So we're here to just keep you motivated. And then towards the end we have like dream enhancement stuff, you know, on on Rogen's dream herbs.

00:08:31:11 - 00:08:53:11
We love this part. And, you know, we're going to add a same sex couple more sections in here. The end is still developing a little bit about dream technology, wristbands, headbands, all that kind of stuff. All the science behind dream technology and dream enhancers. We have a lot of binaural beat audios, even the ones with like lucid dreaming subliminal in their.

00:08:53:11 - 00:08:57:20
We have some meditations, we talk about lucid living to tie it all together

00:08:57:20 - 00:09:15:03
some of the psychology and history behind lucid dreaming too. So this part, we will definitely be adding to it. And then my favorite part too is the library. We have some books that you can read that are free online that you could find just some resources magazines

00:09:15:03 - 00:09:19:06
just other external things, because we encourage people to do their own research.

00:09:19:08 - 00:09:33:06
And speaking of research, we have a lot of like evidence based research articles of different things. And we even kind of describe them a little bit so you can learn the science behind it. If you're into reading the evidence, you know, you can definitely do that too.

00:09:33:06 - 00:09:38:22
that's a bit on the curriculum. Yeah, that's really good to keep up.

00:09:38:24 - 00:10:04:10
You can keep up to date and we'll interact on the forums with each other and on Clubhouse and Discord and WhatsApp. I mean, if you want to keep in touch with us and other students, I mean that's really possible as well. I mean, I felt that with my experience over ten years and learning with the shamans and learning in the Buddhist temple, I really wanted to share this experience with the world.

00:10:04:10 - 00:10:20:20
So I try to channel the insights and nuggets of wisdom that we got from all of these experiences and my own direct experiences and things I learned just by doing the dream work over the many, many years and turning the practice into a good discipline.

00:10:20:20 - 00:10:38:05
So yeah, you can sign up on the Dream more podcast dot com. We have an enrollment form which you can do the form even if you're not sure yet that you want to join. The form just gives in. It gives us an idea of where you're at with your dream work, what your goals are, so we can get to know you a little bit better because we do care about our students a lot.

00:10:38:10 - 00:10:57:02
We don't just want you to read this and never talk to us like we definitely care about where you're at, why you're taking this course, what's your experience? Because that will help us just tailor it a little bit better and be able to understand where everybody that and also give us some feedback. So we have the enrollment form and then you can sign up on the Dream Wall podcast dot com.

00:10:57:02 - 00:11:16:00
Well we really look forward to seeing you around the course and look forward to you getting loose. And one student of mine got lucid after just two lessons and it was really, really rewarding as a teacher to see that actually fruiting into something really tangible like a lucid experience.

00:11:16:00 - 00:11:19:02
Yeah, that's amazing. All of our students so far have loved us.

00:11:19:02 - 00:11:27:19
We don't have any complaints, so you can definitely read reviews and testimonies if you need that. And yeah, sweet dreams and sweet lucid dreams.

00:11:27:19 - 00:11:30:12