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EP47: How To Dream of Winning Lottery Numbers

September 08, 2023 Amina Feat Teisha Houston Season 2 Episode 15
The Dream World
EP47: How To Dream of Winning Lottery Numbers
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Dream incubation is a process that causes a specific dream topic to occur, either for recreation or to attempt to solve a problem. Today's guest is a certified dreamwork practitioner who is very knowledgeable in both dream interpretation and dream incubation.  Teisha aka Lady T tells me how she won $2,000 in the lottery by trying to find the winning numbers in her dreams! It is fascinating what our dreams and getting proper rest can do for our lives. There are many amazing things you can use your dreams for. We hope to inspire everyone to gain interest in their dreams and any potential growth it may bring.   Follow Teisha on TIk Tok.

WANT TO INCUBATE YOUR OWN DREAM ANSWERS? We are facilitating a dream retreat in Charlotte, NC on November 3-6. It's a dream incubation retreat in a beautiful home, where we spend an entire weekend talking about dreams, journaling, learning to lucid dream, and more! The goal is to bring a question, or problem that you want to solve. During the retreat, we will be intentionally entering the dream space to incubate an answer or solution. It is a great way to meet other dreamers, relax, and deepen your practice.


  • Learn how to summon a dream to receive wisdom from your Subconscious Mind
  • Discover how to interpret your own dreams by using the 5 Points of Analysis Method
  • Nap, rest, reflect and journal throughout the day
  • Share or just sit in on the dream group discussions to gain insights & explore other's profound dream meanings
  • Experiment with different dream work techniques like: dream reentry, WILD and Wake Back to Bed.
  •  Enjoy dream inducing teas, and wholistic, healthy meals & luxury accomodations included

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Lady T Intro
How can we strengthen our dream interpretation abilities?
Teisha's dream analysis approach
Do lucid dreams have messages too?
Amina's first lucid dream
How to incubate a dream such as winning lottery numbers.
How can we learn things from our dreams?
How can we use dreams to find solutions and solve problems in waking life?
Dream enhancing herbal teas
Dreaming and meditation
How do you teach your kids about dreams?
Online misconceptions about dreams
How to protect yourself while traveling the dream world