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Hi all you gorgeous people, My Name is Amanda from the Adult Baby Nursery & Amandom Dungeon, I am a full time Adult Baby & Sissy Mummy, Mistress & regresser & trainer of both Men & Women, I have dedicated my life for over 20 years to being a Specialist in Fetish Adult Baby's & Sissy's I have two ABDL Nurseries & Dungeons One in the UK & one in France, My Nannies Mistresses and I love all our wonderful visitors, followers & YOU TUBE subscribers! I hope our Podcasts will help you to a greater understanding of both our world and the ABDL,Sissy & Fetish community's, In our Podcasts we will cover everything you can possibly imagine in a friendly and accessible way. You will have the chance to really get to know us and of course if you want to request a subject or ask questions or tell our listeners of your experiences we would love to hear from you, If your struggling with your need's or have recently discovered someone in your life has needs you don't understand we will be happy to cover it in our podcast. Always feel free to message us on one of our social media platforms or if you prefer email us. We will also interview real Adult babies Sissy's etc so that you can get to see things from there perspective. We also make Videos, Picture Scenarios, Fabulous Audio fantasy & training Scenarios and most importantly EVERYTHING we post is REAL. It's important to us that you know that our Our Video's are filmed in REAL SESSIONS with REAL PEOPLE and that we are SUPPORTIVE LOVING CARING but sometimes when requested COARSE RAW and EXTREME. lastly the one thing I can guarantee you is we LOVE our huge worldwide Sissy,Adult baby & Fetish family and we are always OPEN, HONEST, NONE JUDGMENTAL & GENUINE!....So remember we're real and we're waiting for you.find us on http;:// find us on our twitters @adultbabymummyA @adultbabynannyL @adultbabynannyE @sissygirls