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145 Are You A Death Witch?

January 19, 2024 That Witch Next Door Season 5 Episode 12
That Witch Podcast
145 Are You A Death Witch?
Show Notes

The much-anticipated death witch episode…! This is one branch of magick particularly difficult to encapsulate into one episode (so maybe there will be more?!) but I really tried to offer my best explanations and advice for anyone feeling intrigued by and called to this sacred path. Death witchcraft and death magick are not evil practices, their work is centered around honoring one of our most divine universal laws, and healing our deeply wounded relationship with it.

In this episode I mention:
My wonderful friend and client, Andrea @lunarandobsidian and Lunar and Obsidian podcast
Dirt Diaries
Angelica Cresci
Death Witch Envy
Death doula LA

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