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S18E01 - Gianfranco Cecconi
June 16, 2018 Gianfranco Cecconi, Molly Schwartz
Gianfranco is an independent data scientist and consultant in London, UK. Curiosity has been the main driver of how he developed his career since leaving the Politecnico of Milan in Italy, pushing him to spot technology trends, study them and put them to the test. He was a web developer before Yahoo! and Google were founded; a sysops for large Internet Service Providers before broadband was even available in UK homes; a digital transformation management consultant with Deloitte 10 years before the first iPhone was launched, and he run the biggest official Olympics website in history for London 2012 by the time smartphones had become the main digital platform of choice in everybody's pockets. When he's not at work, he volunteers for both DataKind and MyData.
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