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S01E05 - Adrian Gropper
July 04, 2018 Adrian Gropper, Molly Schwartz
Adrian is trained as an engineer and a physician and his career has been as a medical device entrepreneur. All of his startup products were aimed at the physician-patient relationship. Adrian currently works as an advocate and volunteer CTO of the patient Privacy Rights non-profit continues this passion. Adrian sees technology and policy in terms of human agency and human dignity. This means that he sees physicians and other licensed clinicians as fiduciaries to their patients and not as employees of some institution. “We need our lawyers and doctors to be un-conflicted and working only for us”, Adrian says. Adrian sees technology in terms of agency as well: “It needs to be working only for us and be easily substitutable if we find a better match”. True agency implies self-sovereign technology and the substitutability demands that the tech be standards-based. For Adrian, the MyData community seems like a perfect place to incubate the principles of agency and the standards.
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