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S18E12 - Noora Lähde
August 22, 2018 Noora Lähde, Molly Schwartz
Noora Lähde is responsible for the coordination of Traffic Lab Finland, which is a forum for mobility and transport services, trials and smart mobility development in Finland. Traffic Lab is coordinated by Trafi. The core idea of Traffic Lab Finland is to enable and encourage for new innovations, trials By and active PPP cooperation. Possibiities of MyData are going to be trialled together with Tilaajavastuu. During the pilot the following questions, for example, will be raised: what benefits MyData may bring to an authority, company or a citizen? What MyData means when the customer may have access to the information for different kind of data? We will present a MyData trial between Finnish Transport Safety Agency and Tilaajavastuu, where these questions are being raised. Trafi and Tilaajavastuu will trial together a case where the driving license information and professional qualifications will be integrated to a Taito register by Tilaajavastuu, which allows the employee to a smooth access to the a workplace such as construction area, where the identification is needed in order to enter the area.
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