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More than just mindfulness
What to do when nothing else works
December 08, 2018 Robert Mitchell

This week at The Mansion, a student asked: "What to do when nothing else works?"
At some point in our modern lives, we will either feel overwhelmed or close to it. We feel our emotions and mood driving us in a way that is clearly unhelpful for our happiness or the happiness of those we care about. this can be anything from uncontrolled angry responses to depressed mood, anxiety, unhelpful or inappropriate behaviour or whatever response that we engage in when it all gets too much.
Motivation is a combination of beliefs, emotions, habits and external factors. Our behaviour or emotion takes over. It is not possible to work with this effectively when we are are in such a high stress situation.
Robert explains the practices for responding to this along with the reasons that living in the modern world make us all liable to overwhelm.

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