Social Security Disability Law Podcast

Mistakes to Avoid in you Social Security Disability Case

April 15, 2019 Jonathan Ginsberg Season 1 Episode 9
Social Security Disability Law Podcast
Mistakes to Avoid in you Social Security Disability Case
Show Notes

What are the common mistakes that you need to avoid when filing your Social Security disability claim and appealing a denial.  What do you need to watch out for at your disability hearing?

In this episode, I interview Chicago Social Security disability lawyer Jonathan Pearson.  Jonathan lives and works in Chicago, where he represents disability claimants in Chicago, Evanston, Lake Forest, Orland Park, Schaumburg, and Downers Grove.  He represents claimants at all stages of the disability application process and he shares his extensive knowledge about disability law on his website and blog.

In our conversation Jonathan and I discuss some of the common problems that derail even the most deserving SSDI and SSI claims.  You greatly improve your chances at winning disability benefits if you speak Social Security's language and you understand that every word you write or speak in pursuit of disability benefits is important.

As Jonathan notes in our discussion you should never assume SSA understands what you are trying to say unless you offer a detailed explanation.  I hope you enjoy hearing from Jonathan Pearson as much as I did and invite you to rate this podcast and let me know what you think and what you would like from future episodes.

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