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Who are Social Security Disability's "Decision Writers" and What do They Do?

July 06, 2020 Jonathan Ginsberg Season 2 Episode 5
Social Security Disability Law Podcast
Who are Social Security Disability's "Decision Writers" and What do They Do?
Show Notes

Would you be surprised to learn that the judge who hears your disability case is not the person who actually writes the approval or denial in your case?

In the strange universe that is Social Security disability, a "decision writer" working in a cubicle hundreds of miles from the judge and weeks after your actual hearing will sit down with the exhibit file, the audio recording of your hearing and your judge's notes to actually write the decision in your case.

Whether you win or lose is up to the judge but the words of the decision are often written by a young lawyer who, of course, was not actually in attendance at your hearing.

In this episode, I speak with attorney Cameron Connah who is a former decision writer for Social Security.  I know Cameron because he worked for me as a paralegal prior to attending law school and he graciously agreed to appear as a guest on this podcast to explain what he did as a decision writer.

Because SSA uses decision writers, judges have less leeway to approve a case simply because they find you credible or because they believe you are deserving of benefits. If we know what a decision writer needs to draft a fully favorable decision, we can make sure to focus on that evidence as we prepare for hearings and in testimony.

This is part one of my conversation with Cameron.  The second half of this intriguing conversation will be released in a few weeks. Please let me know what you think.

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