Social Security Disability Law Podcast

How to Win Mental Health Disability Claims - Part 2

February 10, 2021 Jonathan Ginsberg/Jeffrey Herman Season 3 Episode 2
Social Security Disability Law Podcast
How to Win Mental Health Disability Claims - Part 2
Show Notes

How can you improve your chances at winning Social Security disability benefits if you are struggling with a mental health condition like severe depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, PTSD or other issue that prevents you from working?

In part 2 of my interview with Phoenix, Arizona attorney Jeffrey Herman, we dive deeper into questions about what evidence is the most compelling and how do address problems like self-medication with alcohol or drugs.  We also talk about the non-verbal cues you need to send to the judge to position yourself as a reluctant but deserving disability claimant.

If you'd like to listen to part 1 of my interview with Attorney Herman, you can find it here.

Jeffrey R. Herman has been practicing disability law since 2013 after graduating from Concord Law School in California. He received his Bachelor's Degree in English from Queens College in 2003 and he uses his command of the English language to draft persuasive briefs to help his clients win their Social Security Disability claim.

Jeffrey has a lifelong exposure to the Social Security disability system.  His father, Stephen Herman, is a retired attorney who practiced Social Security Disability law for over 30 years. Before he completed law school, Jeffrey worked in his father's practice where he learned the in's and out's of the SSD application and appeal process.

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