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Warning Shot Podcast with Ivey Herren Jr.

Ivey Herren Jr.

Warning Shot Podcast hosted by Ivey Herren Jr. Real, raw, and uncut podcast channels streaming a variety of wild real life stories, that are just too fuckin' good to be true. Talk of the town, a shooting that went down, and the man of the hour who took the crown. The host, Ivey Herren Jr., will lead you on his journey of how a past does not define you, and how life is what you make it. Ivey was confronted by 5 individuals at his own home on March 3rd, 2014, accompanied by 2 rifles. He saw 2 options. Step up or be stepped on. What happens next?"They called me everything I knew I wasn't." But now I'm out here doing everything they said I couldn't" We will have a variety of individuals on here telling their stories of failures & success, while others just want to tell you how Tupac is still alive. EVERYTHING is about to go down. Life is too short to be stressed, so sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride. "This is your warning shot." -Ivey Herren Jr.

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