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REAL ESTATE on the BLOCKCHAIN- Virgie Van Horst

Virgie Van Horst

Guys, I’m Virgie Van Horst Badass Realtor® Broker | Real Estate on the Blockchain Advisor | Entrepreneur | Digital Branding Growth Marketer | Motivator Blockchain Is Disrupting Our Industry. So I've been super focused everyday on helping to #educate as many Individuals and #RealEstateProfessionals as possible through #Video #PODCAST and #IRL’s.. There is a Shift Happening, Discover How New Emerging Technologies are Shaping the Future of Real Estate. How's it going to Affect the Lending Process, and More Importantly How's it Going to Affect the Realtors Jobs? Where, and How Are We Going to be Relevant in the Future? So there are a lot of Real Estate Professionals trying to figure out if We are Going to Still Have Jobs, and What's Really Going on here With this Blockchain Technology... Be in the Know So You Can Still Be Relevant!

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