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OUTSPOKEN Philippines

Rhadem Camlian Morados

The world was thrown off orbit when Angela Ponce joined Miss Universe. At the same time, a host of nations have already legalized same-sex unions. Here at home, general opinion towards the LGBTQ+ is markedly more tolerant—online testaments of couples are triumphantly shared, and the comments section on pro-LGBT news are not as disappointing. With such developments, it was a rude awakening to see people, even from the community, undermine Angela Ponce’s identity. More recently, countless have unjustly pointed out sexuality. Bisexual-erasure continues. “Femme-shaming” or discriminating against effeminate persons has become rampant. Countless youths still have internalized homophobia. And of course, lawmakers are still cold-footed in heeding the community’s demands. The community is developing and growing so rapidly—that many people, both within and outside the LGBTQ+, have had trouble keeping up. It seems critical concepts surrounding gender and sexuality remain in echo chambers of those privileged enough to know it. I invite EVERYONE to come together once again to be with me on this passion of mine as i try to push the envelope. To be OUTSPOKEN.

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