Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Podcast

BB200: Celebrating 4 Volumes of #1 Bestselling Business Authors featuring Maggie Mongan

August 25, 2021 Hosted by Maggie Mongan: Featuring our #1 Bestselling Business Authors Episode 200
Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Podcast
BB200: Celebrating 4 Volumes of #1 Bestselling Business Authors featuring Maggie Mongan
Show Notes

 *200th Podcast episode of Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Podcast*
Let's celebrate by reviewing our Authors, who are Brilliant Practicing Experts, and their chapters!  Congrats Authors!

Celebrating 4 Volumes of #1 Bestselling Authors
featuring Maggie Mongan
Listen to the podcast, but here's the brief recap of authors and their chapter titles:

Volume 1:
Maggie Mongan: Simplify Small Business Success in the 21st Century.

Greg Nicholson: If Your Marketing Efforts Aren't Bringing in New Clients, here's the 3-Step Solutions solution.

Dave Wallace: Sales Such in Solitude.

Stacy Kaat: Why Your Headshot May be a Turn-off and How to Turn it On!

Mike Raber: The 3 Most Common Challenges Every Small Business Owner Encounters.

Jake Nawrocki: Your Voice ON AIR.

Nancy Luchessi-Schwab: Unleash Your Mind, Unleash Your Growth!

Dave Rebro: Why Small Business Owners Don’t Sleep at Night.

Susan White Hope: Out of the Shadows and Into the Light.

Lori Bonaparte: All Action, No Traction? Sometimes it’s All in Your Head

Volume 2:
Kelly E. Andrew: The Inbound Pipeline to Success

Nancy Clairmont Carr Higher Consciousness Creates Higher Profitability.

Clive Extence: It’s All Management 101.

Susan McCuistion: Five Ways to Bring Compassion Into Your Organization.

Becky Norwood: Spotlight Yourself as an Undeniable Expert in Your Industry.

Maggie Mongan: Business is Addicted to Busyness, Not Success: Improving Upon Decades of Failure.

Mike Raber: Discovering Your Business’s True North.

Susan White: Are You Willing to be Successful?

Volume 3:
Keith Klein: You Second Salesperson.

Mike Westmore: 21st Century Bookkeeping and the Impact of Disruptive Technologies.

Maggie Mongan: Supercharge Your Approach to Stellar Business Networking and Relationship-Building Activities in the 21st Century.

Danny Hadas: The Path to Producing Results for Your Business.

Tamara Burkett: Cracking the Code: How to Harness the Power of CRM.

Kerrie Hoffman: Digital Mindset Required: Preparing Small Business for a Quantum Leap.

Atty. Diane L. Mader: Bring Peace to Work.

Debbie Leoni: The Top 3 Fear Busters: No More Paying Small.

Volume 4:
Anne Mank wrote: The Financial Freedom Train.

Mark Boeder wrote: Uplevel Your Business by Replacing Your Irreplaceable Employees: Move to Indispensable Key Talent for Ultimate Success. 

Susan McCuistion wrote: The Hidden Cost of Doing Business.

Shalini Nag wrote: Flip the Paradigm: Embrace the Human Approach to Boost Your Business.

Mike Raber wrote: Are Your Influencer Capabilities Being Overpowered by Imposter Syndrome?

Dennis Hill wrote: Integrate for Well-Managed, Intentional Growth.

Melinda and Ryan Van Fleet wrote: Building Confidence Along with a Successful Business – From the Ground Up.

Dr. Jyun Shimizu wrote: Uncover Your Cells’ Stories, Discover Your Quantum NatureTM  You are the Best Asset of Your Business.

Maggie Mongan: How Valuing You Values Adds Value to Your Business.

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