Cornerstone of America

#61 - Mike Woods

August 15, 2022 Alex Joudy
Cornerstone of America
#61 - Mike Woods
Show Notes

My guest today is Mike Woods.  Mike is one of the top Tattoo artists in the nation and he recently moved to the Flathead Valley.  Splitting time between his well established shop in Houston, TX and establishing himself here in Montana has been one of many new challenges we discussed on the podcast.   

Mike is also a bow hunter and spent years practicing Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu.  Having gone so far as to train in Thailand for a period of time.  To say he is a renaissance man would be an understatement.  
From Mike's website for Advant Tatoo


      Tattooing since 2006, I have gained notoriety for my unique approach to tattooing and my focus of quality over quantity. My vision is to create a culture around tattoos as a fine-art form. Pushing the envelope of what can be done on skin with every tattoo.  

     I take quality time with each client to create a one of a kind design that reflects their personality and ideas. My mission is to take tattooing to the next level, from the artwork to the client’s experience. I want to cultivate an experience that is rewarding for both the client and artist. Each tattoo is a new piece of fine-art imagined and created specifically for that client.  

​We talked Tattoo's, BJJ, Fighting, Bow Hunting, Business ownership, Family and so much more.  Enjoy!

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