Cornerstone of America

AM Strength Q&A #9

September 27, 2021 Alex Joudy - Anna Marie Season 1 Episode 8
Cornerstone of America
AM Strength Q&A #9
Show Notes

In this episode Anna Marie and I sat down to talk about our kids' Jiu Jitsu competition. 
We talked about the various challenges and joys of parenting children through competition, experiences learned and more.

We also started a new segment on the show:
Things you never thought you would say to your partner when you started dating.
Many laughs ensued! Enjoy!

Anna Marie is a strength coach with Starting Strength, Barbell Logic and her company AM Strength

A homeschooling teacher/mother of 5 children

White belt in Jiu Jitsu

Strength Athlete

and so much more!

Tune in for our weekly Q&A as she answers questions from the interwebs!

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