Cornerstone of America

(AM Strength) The Hooligan & The Harridan #1

November 05, 2021 Alex Joudy Season 1 Episode 1
Cornerstone of America
(AM Strength) The Hooligan & The Harridan #1
Show Notes

Anna Marie & I kick off the first official episode of our new podcast!
The first two episodes will be joint released on this channel and our new Podcast Channel dedicated to this show.

We asked our friends/followers what is one of the dumbest arguments you and your significant other has had?  Some of the responses were hilarious!

Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy is the founder of AM Strength.

She is located in Kalispell, Montana, where she homeschools 5 kids. She takes great joy in helping as many people as she can become stronger than they thought possible at any age. She gives feedback with a smile and can talk baked goods, programming, beginner jiu-jitsu, and lifting form with you with the same level of excitement and passion.
*Starting Strength Coach
*Barbell Logic Coach
*Strength Athlete
*Head Strength Coach @ SBG Montana in Kalispell
*BJJ White Belt

Alex is the founder of the Cornerstone of America Podcast
*Fitness Coach at SBG Montana in Kalispell.
*Small Business Consultant (CSA Consulting Services)
*7 years as a Gym Owner
*20 years in Private Security

Having been together over 18 years, they homeschool their 5 kids in Kalispell, Montana as well as run multiple small businesses.  This podcast is born out of their life experiences and all the joys, trials and tribulations of marriage, parenting, small business owners and all success and failures along the way.  Enjoy some fun marital banter followed by some Q&A from friends, followers, clients and more.  Enjoy!!

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