Cornerstone of America

#50 - Special Series with Scott Ramage

November 15, 2021 Alex Joudy - Scott Rammage Season 1 Episode 50
Cornerstone of America
#50 - Special Series with Scott Ramage
Show Notes

In the first of a 7 part series I am co-hosting and releasing with Podcaster Scott Rammage from The Brotherhood of Fatherhood and Stories that Sell podcasts, we dive into the first steps of understanding how to improve your life.  

In this episode, Alex and Scott talk about the necessity of personal transformation and it’s the importance of each individual’s commitment to grow and expand at all levels, that you can be the best version you can be by constantly raising your game while understanding your limits.

In the coming weeks we will be covering the following: 
2 Episodes on Self - Mental Health and what that entails
2 Episodes on Health - Physical Health
2 Episodes on Wealth - Financial Freedom and Flexibility and what that looks like.  
 And lastly an episode to summarize everything and next steps in your life.  

You can check out more of Scott and his podcasts here:


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