The Fatherhood Experience

EP 138 - Functional Help and Healing with Aaron Hartman

May 17, 2021 Jason Priest
The Fatherhood Experience
EP 138 - Functional Help and Healing with Aaron Hartman
Show Notes

In this episode, Jason interviews Dr. Aaron Hartman! He is a board-certified family medicine practitioner, clinical researcher, and functional medicine practitioner. Dr. Hartman’s interest in integrative & functional medicine first began after he and his wife Rebekah adopted their first daughter Anna in 2007. The medical system didn’t offer much hope for Anna’s medical condition and they were forced to explore alternative treatments. Over time, Aaron began to apply the new concepts and treatment modalities he was learning to his clinic patients as well as his own family. 

Dr. Hartman opened Richmond Integrative & Functional Medicine in 2017. His mission at RIFM is to apply the sum total of his scientific research, medical knowledge, clinical experience and continuing studies to his patients in an individualized manner. At its core is the application of the sum total of current and ongoing scientific knowledge in the context of modern medicine, allowing for the appropriate integration of other healing traditions as appropriate, in an individualized manner.

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