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Heading Down the Right Road with Bob Thomas part 2 of 2 S3Ep10

June 11, 2021 "NoStop" Heidi Weber/ Bob Thomas/Jamie Steven Season 3 Episode 10
Whistleblower Revolution Podcast © (with NoStop Heidi Weber)
Heading Down the Right Road with Bob Thomas part 2 of 2 S3Ep10
Show Notes

Special Guest Cameo with Jamie Steven

In the first part of my two part interview with Bob Thomas..
...we got to know another amazing legal hero. I know, I say this about every whistleblower attorney, but it's true. Bob is an amazing icon in the legal whistleblower realm and really is responsible for so much awareness, positive change and anti-corruption initiatives. His legal experience in other areas of Law, really gave him a unique "big picture" wisdom of whistleblowing and has covered such a broad range of do-gooding.

 [Please listen to part one to hear what Bob himself has to say about his "why"and "where"he started out....HEADING down the right road.] 

We're all happy he did!

In this episode, we continue that chat and find out a few more juicy insights from Bob, like why I keep referencing the word "head" (if you didn't already figure it out).

We also talk a little bit more about Bob's side gig , teaching law students at Boston University. I was curious about what a student would have to say about whistleblower law and their perception of Bob's class. So, I reached out to one of his former students, and the Whistleblower Law Collaborative's first "extern", Jamie Steven

She agreed to sharing her thoughts and perspective.  You won't want to miss what  the beautiful and eloquently honest, Jamie has to say about whistleblowers and Bob.  

Join us because blowing the whistle , is definitely #noTeaParty but still better than BURYING YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND!.
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