Empowered Women Series

E22 — Making Mistakes and Hard Decisions

March 18, 2020 Purnima Thakre with Debbie Stanford-Kristiansen Season 1 Episode 22
Empowered Women Series
E22 — Making Mistakes and Hard Decisions
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Life is full of unexpected, we know it better now. 

However much we plan, our plan doesn't always go the way we want it to. We all make mistakes and are forced to make hard decisions. And we are not alone. YOU are not alone. 

Many successful people had to go though this as much as we do, or even more. Like Debbie Stanford-Kristiansen. Even this award-winning CEO, one of the Top 30 Most Influential Women in the MENA region, and a Global Cinema Leader, even these three titles fall short of summarizing the successes of career. She’s nothing less than a powerhouse; she’s a role-model business woman with a strong leadership and determination. She too made mistakes and of course hard decisions. 

In this episode of Empowered Women Series, Debbie shares her experiences and stories of how she deals with making mistakes and hard decisions. 

She’s the first to admit that her career path has had some twists and turns, and her advice on how to succeed makes for an episode that you definitely don’t want to miss!

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this is empowered. Women Cities in Empowered Women series we have one on one conversations with inspiring women leaders to help you achieve your career greens. This is Empower Women Series, and today is our episode number two, maybe Stanford portions. And, like most of the women adopt to Debbie, has been able to balance her work and her life. She constantly make sure that she is in stretching herself across bowl, but still brings as much passion as possible. Can she can into both realities of her life That has led her to be both very proud of her family at home and her family at work. She admits that leader would be nothing without her team and her team members. Our greatest assets. Let's listen to more from Debbie in today's episode Number two at a B. Thank you so much for making time for this conversation today.

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Nine. Easy much on his family one.

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Now, this is something I have been very curious about. What is the most difficult challenge that you have faced in your life? What is the greatest mistake you have ever made?

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I really itching, which I was going to be a menacing and one and I moved my family. How Where puts the world, I would have saved a destination the rain forest and for the the When I went to the interviews and I was I possibly mean I'm living in my while. I would never, ever Indian years have threat I and wait and take time to reflect and to think so. It is a decision. I was decision was accepting that and understanding what I was gonna do did situation. I was a massive, massive decision. There are very but all things happen for a reason. Test your strength, you inner strength person that decisions are recognising. I night is very great decision. And I take a nothing past internal rams and a date a several months because actually what I was going to be doing, we're going. It's not just created to this move. And then here I was saying actually, Iron and actually the is we're human in a major decision. Sometimes from that decision and have to move forward is in if we're gonna make some bad decisions, deny that we we'll wait his his opening

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you touched upon so many things there. Firstly, most important one own up to your mistakes. It takes so much courage to accept your mistakes. And older we get more successful we get. It's more and more difficult to own after your mistakes. You have so many things to be proud of and out of those things. What are you most proud of?

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Phnom? Into my nerves Family, mighty and love. I really needed biggest leader, you know, with babysitting. And I was a teamwork. Makes the dream work and and get there May My wife, Chief Mrs, is voting a an amazing t You too. So you and become this heart has care about the people and I think you can use in store Been a great leader Be late Don't usually people by fears you leading by encouraging multiplied in them A maiden name fearing vote engaged and appreciate is so for me I 100 isn't stand by that statement Maintenance know something? I casually is something the really m e a lot And these we storeys having winning on goals. You get a perspective and you and I get way. We will wait.

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Women lead with their head in there hide and that's what makes them stronger leaders in the spirit of finishing this on time in letting you go. This one is my last question. What does the best advise you have ever received?

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My menthols? One. Because people will say including you. And we will never really, really trust I for dispensable. He must give respect, respect and and respect must be given to everyone, irrespective of our the position and trying to relation raised culture Anything you must always treat people with mutual respect. If respect respect. Aye, Children, too.

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Thank you so much, Debbie. In a few minutes of conversation with you, I have learned so much. It's amazing. Have you value people end, do it so selflessly and so grateful Our conversation here today Thank you for listening to Empower Women Series. I hope our conversation today helped he succeed in your career and we have more women in leadership positions. If you haven't listened to our other episodes, you can listen to them on YouTube Channel is called Empowered Women Series, or you can listen to our episodes anywhere else. You get your partners from Thank you