ABDL Pulls ups & Diapers: Incontinence & Bedwetting in the ABDL community

May 01, 2022 Miss Tiana
ABDL Pulls ups & Diapers: Incontinence & Bedwetting in the ABDL community
Show Notes

welcome to my latest video, in this video I talk about medical needs that brought ABDL's and littles to the community. Some people within the lifestyle fall into this, due to something that was not fault. Possibly medical issues and trauma, and they have found a home in the ABDL community to cope with such past traumas 

Disclaimer: In my channel I do not support minors or children in Kink lifestyles or communities. I do not believe that children or minors belong in situations to be taken advantage of by adults. I believe in consensual relationships and safe play between adults only.  
In this Video I talk about and create ABDL care packages, and I speak about positive little space and and caregiver dynamics and ways to show love and appreciation towards each other. 

My videos are educating others on the  Adult Baby and Diaper lover community. My video's are all about education with Kink and fetish lifestyles. I believe that education is the Key when it comes to learning about other kink lifestyles especially related to the ABDL community and lifestyle.

In my videos I will be talking adult impact play, Spanking, Bondage, restraints, Adult diapers, Adult Baby Clothes, Sensual play and touching, medical play plus reviews on adult and intimacy toys, safe play and after care, when a role play scene with your partner has ended.  

My Goal for this channel is to reach others in the ABDL kink and fetish community, and to have a safe place for education for ADULTS to learn.

Aw So Cute Crincklecast is a Safe place for ABDL's and other  kinksters to come to learn and to be apart of the community. 

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