Lean With Plants

How to make more progress with less effort, working smarter not harder

March 01, 2022 Chelsea Mae Cullen Episode 92
Lean With Plants
How to make more progress with less effort, working smarter not harder
Show Notes

When it comes to habit change (including weight loss) we are are hardwired to choose the path of least resistance. We rely so much on willpower and motivation to change our habits, but lack of motivation and willpower are not character flaws. They are a reaction to the systems we create.

You can see increasingly better results by not working smarter NOT harder.  Every single successful person who has maintained their weight loss in the long term has created a system that works for them, one that makes it as a easy as possible for them to maintain it long term.  They do NOT have more willpower than you. They simple have a better system.

The secret to success is understanding that you need remove any obstacles and friction in your path and make it simpler and easier for you to succeed!
Listen to the full episode so you don't miss the 3 steps I outline on how to remove friction, so you can step into your power and achieve success without any extra effort at all!

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