Lean With Plants

How I cope in survival mode & how to not let stress derail your progress

March 08, 2022 Episode 93
Lean With Plants
How I cope in survival mode & how to not let stress derail your progress
Show Notes

With everything that's happening in the world right now, it can be very difficult to focus on the things that we used to see as 'important' but may now may seem 'less important'.
The thing is, when you put all your focus on issues that are outside of your control, your overall influence on those issues ends up shrinking, as you become less focused on the things that also actually matter to you.

I want to say, it's okay to not be okay sometimes and worry about things beyond our control because we are human with emotions, but we all know that when anxiety and stress they take over and influence our ability to cope, work, eat healthy then we need to have a strategy to deal with it.

So in this episode, I'll be discussing a great way to help you cope with whats happening in the world and how to not let outside factors (such as stress, war, injustice) derail your progress, by explaining the 3 key things that have helped me deal with stressful times and still maintain a high level of consistency.

The 7 habits of highly effective people book by Stephen Covey 👇

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