Lean With Plants

How I stopped the binge eating cycle

March 28, 2022 Chelsea Mae Cullen Episode 96
Lean With Plants
How I stopped the binge eating cycle
Show Notes

Are you a self proclaimed binge eater? Maybe you’ve tried various diets, severely lowered your calorie intake, staved yourself, gone to bed hungry and yet no matter what you still just can’t seem to get out of the never ending binge eating cycle.

In this episode I talk about my personal struggle with binge eating and how I was able to stop the cycle of binging on food, lose 40 lbs, and maintain the best figure I’ve had in my adult life.

Now I have the freedom to eat as much as I want without the fear of binging. I hope this episode empowers you to take back control, so you can develop a better relationship with food and build the habits that are going to get you the weight loss results you want.

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