Lean With Plants

How Bree lost 37 pounds, transformed her habits, and ran 1250 kms!

April 05, 2022 Chelsea Mae Cullen Episode 97
Lean With Plants
How Bree lost 37 pounds, transformed her habits, and ran 1250 kms!
Show Notes

In this episode I have the privilege to talk to Bree who shares her amazing story about how she managed to transform her life, change her daily habits and lose 37lbs since beginning her weight loss journey.  It was Bree who inspired me to run 5km a day, as she was able to run 5km a day for 250 consecutive days, which in total is 1250kms, that's absolutely incredible! 

In this episode Bree shares it all. How she managed to grow trust and confidence in herself to lose weight,  how long it took her to get results and the small daily habit changes that helped lead her to massive results!

Her story just blows me away because it is so powerful what can happen when you decide to look forward to the future, not look back at past failures that have been holding you back and continue to push forward making daily improvements that get you closer to that person you want to become. Bree has mastered the foundational habits that has enabled her to master her life and we both believe that it's possible for you too!

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