Lean With Plants

What running everyday for 70 days has taught me about habits

April 12, 2022 Episode 98
Lean With Plants
What running everyday for 70 days has taught me about habits
Show Notes

I started a challenge with some friends where I would commit to running 5km a day for 90 consecutive days. It's now day 77 of the challenge and I’ve managed to run 5km every single day for 77 days and counting. 

In this episode, I discuss what I’ve learnt about habit formation and the many behavioural hacks this challenge has taught me along the way. All of which, have made it possible for me to continue running for 70+ days, even when I was struggling and just wanted to give up.

There are 4 important steps to how our brain forms habits; the cue, the craving, the response and the reward, all of which I will explain in this episode and how our behaviour is shaped by them. 
When you understand how habits are formed and you start to see the power of using behavioural tools to hack your habits, you will think about behaviour in a completely different way. 
I'm hoping you can starting using these ideas and hacks so you can begin designing a system that works for you. A system that enables you to follow through with doing those things that may seem too far out of your reach, because you'll equipped with the knowledge and tools to make it much easier for you to achieve success. 

I HIGHLY recommend reading the book Atomic Habits by James Clear to understand more about how you can hack your habits through behavioural  change.

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