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Answering questions about weight loss!! - Instagram LIVE Replay

May 05, 2022 Episode 100
Lean With Plants
Answering questions about weight loss!! - Instagram LIVE Replay
Show Notes

I recently did an Instagram live where I spoke to some of the amazing Lean with Plants members about their personal experiences on their weight loss journey and took some of your questions! There were some great questions and I loved answering them all, so I thought it would great to share this live episode with all of you, so that you can find the answers to some of my most commonly asked questions!

In this episode, I answer questions about how to change your habits so you can start to master your life, how to use systems to get results rather than using motivation, plant based pregnancy and tips on how to stay consistent so you're finally able to  to make steps towards getting food freedom!

The Lean with Plants members also share their personal stories and tips about how they lost weight! They also give you an insight to into the Lean with Plants course and how the course has helped them change their lives.

I hope this Q&A is super helpful for you!

If you want to watch the Instagram live replay video - go to my instagram page here:

Plant based nutrition facts

Info on Lean with Plants Course Membership

I highly recommend the book by James Clear - 'Atomic Habits' if you're interested in habit change!

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