Lean With Plants

How to make a weight loss system that is EASY, OBVIOUS, and ATTRACTIVE - Instagram LIVE Replay

May 13, 2022 Episode 101
Lean With Plants
How to make a weight loss system that is EASY, OBVIOUS, and ATTRACTIVE - Instagram LIVE Replay
Show Notes

I struggled with my weight for almost 10 years. I was miserable and unhappy and after many failed diets, too many rules and too much restriction, I thought it was time to do something that was sustainable, easy, obvious and attractive! That's when I finally found a solution that worked for me. I was able to lose 40lbs and become the leanest I have ever been if my life even after having 2 kids!  The method I'm going to be talking about is tried and tested across my course Lean with Plants where hundreds of women have managed to lose weight just by using the same systems.
Learning about how weight loss works is a small piece of the puzzle. You may know what you should be doing, but it's implementing what you know that's the hardest part!  The missing piece for a lot of women is building a strong habit foundation on a consistent basis that help you become the kind of person who is able to accomplish your weight loss goals.

Do you struggle to stay on track even though you know what to eat? Do you feel you have an all or nothing mindset and once you fail, you revert back to old eating habits? In this episode I'm going to discuss why habits are so important, and how to use them to build systems that make your weight loss easy, obvious and attractive so you can become more consistent and finally start shedding those pounds!
Remember this is not a bout willpower,  it's not about someone else being better at it than you. It's about finding a system that works for for you! You are not broken and you are certainly not a failure. There are many different ways of implementing new systems and habits that can work for you. Listen to this episode so  I can give you the kickstart you need to finally have the food freedom that I now have.

I also take some questions at the end! I hope the Q&A is super helpful for you!

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I highly recommend the book by James Clear - 'Atomic Habits' if you're interested in habit change!

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