Lean With Plants

Using the tiny step method

July 07, 2022 Episode 103
Lean With Plants
Using the tiny step method
Show Notes

Making faster progress isn’t about stricter diets and more discipline, it’s about taking consistent action steps that move you closer to your goal.

The problem is we get tired, bored, lose motivation or give up, or (insert excuse here) and progress stalls or goes out the window.

This isn’t a flaw with YOU, it’s a human character trait that keeps us alive, we’re kinda designed to choose the path of least resistance to conserve energy and constantly innovate… BUT that’s not super helpful when we need to say no to oreos and YES to broccoli. 😭🥦

The good news is instead of working against it, we can hack motivation by using tools like the next tiny step method to KEEP moving forward, even in our worst moments.

In this episode I share exactly how to use the method to find your next tiny step, commit to when you’ll implement it, and use momentum to make your next actions easier and more likely. Yah!!

This method was developed by Richard Ralston who is a mentor, friend, and amazing human, so check out more about him below 👇


A lot of these concepts were also inspired by James Clear and Greg Mckeown and you can find the links to their books below👇

Essentialism - Greg Mckeown


Atomic Habits - James Clear


We use this method in our Progress PODS in Lean with Plants and it’s helped our members see phenomenal results. If you’re not making the progress you want to on your weight loss journey, why not join our fam, and start taking leaps and bounds with the tools to make it easier and a community to support you a long the way.

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