Lean With Plants

How I’m getting back on track after travel and weight gain

July 13, 2022 Chelsea Mae Cullen Episode 104
Lean With Plants
How I’m getting back on track after travel and weight gain
Show Notes

Those that have been following me for a while know that I recently went on a 3 month trip around the United States of America. Whilst traveling I haven't been keeping up with eating 100% healthy, as I would in my home environment. So in this episode I'm going to talk about several actionable positive behaviours I'm going to start doing to get my healthy eating habits back on track now that I'm back home in New Zealand.
If you are someone that struggles with all in all out mindset when it comes to weight loss, hopefully these simple principals will be able help you to stay as consistent as possible, so you can get the desired results you want long term that are sustainable on your weight loss journey making it easier for you to succeed.

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