Lean With Plants

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

September 06, 2022 Episode 108
Lean With Plants
Get comfortable being uncomfortable
Show Notes

This week I thought I'd talk you about how to get comfortable, with being uncomfortable.
Embracing discomfort definitely won't be pleasant but it's necessary if you want to experience personal growth.
The thing is If you always stay in your comfort zone and avoid situations where you might fail or be uncomfortable, then there is little way for you to grow as an individual.

A quote which I love and I have hanging on my wall is " fail faster" because it reminds me everyday that instead of striving to be perfect, to fail fast and often because you can achieve so much more by just getting started, giving it ago, being okay with failure and being uncomfortable.

Link for the video game YouTube video I mention: https://youtu.be/s6tLGo9yij0

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