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Mediocre Goals for the New Year: My plan to do less and achieve more

January 18, 2023 Episode 115
Lean With Plants
Mediocre Goals for the New Year: My plan to do less and achieve more
Show Notes

Hey and Happy New Year!

If you've been a long time listener of this podcast you will know I love James Clear and his book 'Atomic Habits'. It's been my bible of habit change for such a long time now.
James Clear suggests that the most effective way to create lasting change and form new habits is to shift our identity and focus on becoming the type of person who embodies the habits we want to cultivate, as apposed to focusing on outcomes.

Lately I've realized I have been extremely focused on outcome goals and whilst thinking about my new year goals I've decided that I need to be OK with being mediocre, so I can do less but achieve more.
In this episode I'll be discussing 5 reasons mediocrity can help combat perfectionism and why setting mediocre goals for myself is helping me to fight all or nothing thinking and behavior and help me achieve success.

Podcast Resources

A lot of these concepts were also inspired by James Clear and Greg Mckeown and you can find the links to their books below👇

Essentialism - Greg Mckeown


Atomic Habits - James Clear


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