Lean With Plants

How AI will change the weight loss industry forever

February 28, 2023 Episode 118
Lean With Plants
How AI will change the weight loss industry forever
Show Notes

In this episode, we’ll discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) is set to change the weight loss industry forever.

We explore the potential uses of AI in coaching, customising meal plans and workout routines, and making complex information more accessible to the public that has previously relied on industry ‘guru’s’ to translate.

I predicts that as AI becomes more prevalent in diagnosis, health professions such as nutritionists, dieticians, and doctors will become less valued. Instead, accountability and behavioural tools will become the most important parts of success. (They already are!!)

The biggest factor to success is implementation. Action beats knowledge every day.

While AI will help with some of this and change how we implement, human connection, accountability and community will still continue to be a huge part of what makes habit change ‘sticky’ so that you ACTUALLY do it long term.

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