Lean With Plants

How winners think differently

May 29, 2023 Episode 123
Lean With Plants
How winners think differently
Show Notes

Winners, often exhibit certain mindset traits and thinking patterns that contribute to their success. It's so important to cultivate a winners mindset because when it comes to losing weight you need to look past obstacles and see the opportunity for change so you can take action. Winners  believe in their ability to overcome obstacles. 
They view setbacks and failures as learning opportunities rather than roadblocks. Instead of dwelling on problems, they actively seek solutions and stay optimistic about their chances of success.

In this episode I'll go over the main ways I think winners think differently:

  • They make an Intentional effort be positive
  • They acknowledge and share wins and progress
  • They express what they are grateful for
  • They are disciplined about not being a victim in how they speak
  • They look for ways to solve problems
  • They recognise that emotions are not an absolute truth
  • They are data driven not emotionally drive.

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