Lean With Plants

Gaining weight and losing momentum: How to STOP the scale creeping up

June 08, 2023 Episode 124
Lean With Plants
Gaining weight and losing momentum: How to STOP the scale creeping up
Show Notes

Weight gain and loss are responses to changes in calorie intake, which are not mystical occurrences but rather predictable outcomes. These changes can be influenced by internal and external factors related to our environment and behavior. Understanding these factors is attainable.

To achieve desired changes in weight, it is important to modify both internal and external aspects of your current environment. The traditional approach, which relies solely on willpower and the belief that enduring pain will lead to different results, has proven ineffective in the past.

Instead, adopt a new approach:

  1. Make decisions that increase the likelihood of progress towards your goal, focusing on the direction rather than seeking a single right answer.
  2. Implement internal systems that facilitate behavioral changes.
  3. Establish external systems that promote desired behaviors.
  4. Recognize that disciplined individuals are not inherently more disciplined but rather create environments that support discipline..
  5. Consider the contents of a bodybuilder's pantry or a skateboarder's trunk as examples as to what your own pantry looks like. 

I'll also be discussing my personal strategies, which involves:

  1. Holding myself accountable for my actions.
  2. Discovering enjoyable ways to incorporate exercise into my routine.
  3. Creating commitment devices to reinforce my goals.
  4. Modifying my external environment to enhance the likelihood of success.

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