Lean With Plants

How to make good habits easier with sequencing

August 28, 2021 Chelsea Mae Cullen Episode 72
Lean With Plants
How to make good habits easier with sequencing
Show Notes

In this episode, we'll talk about how to use sequencing to make habits EASIER simply by changing the sequence of your actions.
Studies have shown that about 45% of our actions are not because of conscious thought but are habitual.
Habits are extremely powerful because they are our brain's way of putting repeatable tasks on autopilot.

We want the result, the weight loss, the consistency, the ability to keep eating broccoli when you want bagels… so if you can put those good habits on autopilot you make changes STICK.

The KEY here is making actions as EASY and EFFORTLESS as possible so that you can DO them often enough to form a habit. Sometimes all that takes is changing the order in which you do things.

This podcast was inspired by the podcast episode, Sequencing on the Hacking your ADHD podcast.
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