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43: The right brain thinkers, with Jane Frankland

January 21, 2022 Cisco Secure
Security Stories
43: The right brain thinkers, with Jane Frankland
Show Notes

Today's guest is Jane Frankland, owner and CEO of Knewstart, and founder of the IN Security movement. Jane has been in the cybersecurity industry for 24 years and is an award winning entrepreneur and best selling author of "IN Security: How a failure to attract and retain more women in cybersecurity is making is all less safe’.  She was also named as the third most influential person in cybersecurity in the UK.

We discuss Jane's start in cybersecurity and her entrepreneurial career, including how she built a seven-figure business within two years. She has held senior executive roles and been actively involved in OWASP, CREST and Cyber Essentials. We discuss her activism around attracting and retaining women in the industry, and why we need more right brain thinkers.

Plus, Jane talks about her latest venture, "The Source", a platform for women in cybersecurity and businesses who value them. Find out more.

Before that, for our opening topic we are delighted to welcome Decipher's Executive Editor Lindsey O-Donnell Welch, and Editor-in-Chief Dennis Fisher to discuss what we know about the cybersecurity situation currently in Ukraine (note we recorded this on 20th January and it's a very fluid situation).

Decipher is an independent editorial website covering security news, exploring the impact of the latest risks and providing informative and educational material for readers intent on understanding how security affects our world.  

Episode timings:

0.00 - 13.46: Opening topic with Decipher
13.47 - 69.24: Interview with Jane Frankland
69.25 - 70.16: Closing thoughts